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New Senior Prefects on the Hillside

During the final week of classes, students congregated together to accept various awards for their academic, athletic, and communal accomplishments from the school year. On Thursday, May 16, Brown Gym hosted the Underform Awards, a night where the Hillside’s 9 new senior prefects were elected. These students were selected because of their unwavering dedication to … Read more

SKS Students Learn About Food Sciences

South Kent School’s futures literacy program is an innovative educational initiative designed to teach students skills and equip them with knowledge that will help them thrive in the 21st century world. The need for technological and entrepreneurial skills has inspired South Kent to get students hands-on experience in these forums, highlighting the importance of progress … Read more

South Kent School Earth Day Cleanup: A Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

South Kent School students and faculty impressively took over the town of Kent in a town wide cleanup. With a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, individuals dedicated themselves to ensuring that every corner of the campus and surrounding areas received the attention they deserved. From meticulously clearing litter along roadways to patrolling wooded areas for … Read more

SKSIBL A New Tradition That Lasted

  At South Kent School, our long standing traditions are crucial to maintaining a strong culture and enduring the school’s 100-year history. At the same time, as the world and educational landscape changes, new traditions must evolve. In 2022, in the wake of COVID, Fifth Form student Griffin Davis started a new tradition that further … Read more

Celebrating Grandparents’ Day

Every year South Kent School is happy to host Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day. This year’s joyous day commenced with a heartwarming musical performance, setting the tone for a day filled with celebration and appreciation. Talented students showcased their musical prowess, captivating the audience with melodies that echoed through the halls, symbolizing the harmonious bond between … Read more

Solar Eclipse: A Science Spectacle

South Kent School students had the extraordinary opportunity to witness a celestial marvel – a solar eclipse. Not only did they have the perfect spot to view this rare event from the mountains that surround the Hillside campus, but they also delved into the science behind the phenomenon, turning the celestial spectacle into an educational … Read more

South Kent School | Kent News GTD Partner

South Kent School has embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with the Kent News Good Times Dispatch (GTD), marking a significant step forward in local news coverage. This collaborative effort aims to enhance town news content while also providing South Kent students with invaluable professional experience in journalism and media. Under the partnership, South Kent School … Read more

February Cardinal of the Month

With the calendar turning to March, the South Kent School nominated Jackson Southerland as the second ever Cardinal of the Month. Throughout the Development Basketball season, Jackson has been a steady, reliable scorer, lighting it up from deep and exhibiting advanced maturity through quality decision making with the basketball. On Senior Day, Jackson captivated the … Read more

First Cardinal of the Month Winner

On February 1, South Kent nominated their first ever Cardinal of the Month, a new tradition shedding light on the students who demonstrate excellence athletically, academically, and in the community on the Hillside and beyond. The Cardinal of the Month initiative serves as a reminder for students to abide by the Trinity of Values in … Read more

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