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South Kent School FAQs

Below you will find useful tools and tips to help prepare you and your family for the upcoming academic year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does South Kent School Have a Parents Newsletter?

Yes! All current parents are enrolled in South Kent School’s Hillside Happenings Parent E-Newsletter. This newsletter focuses on the latest news, announcements and highlighting recent happenings on campus for students. Hillside Happenings is sent straight to parents email inboxes every month.

Parents are also encouraged to visit the South Kent School website for general school news updates.

Where Can Parents Find the Yearly & Weekly Calendar?

South Kent School provides the yearly academic calendar and weekly schedule, as well as many other key resources to all parents through the Parent Portal.

How Do Parents Access Orah?

South Kent School parents can access Orah here.

How Do Students Setup Their Emails?

Instructions for student email setup can be found on the student and parent portal here.

What Are The Technology Requirements For Students?

Technology requirements can be found on the student and parent portal here.

Is There A School Store?

Yes! South Kent School offers an on-campus store as well as an online shop which can be found here: https://store.southkentschool.org/

On-Campus Store Hours:

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


The store is also open for large campus events (i.e., Opening Day, Fall Family Weekend, Prize Day, and Alumni Weekend) and on popular travel days for current students.

*Subject to change

Does South Kent School Offer Storage, Packing & Shipping?

Information on storage, packing and shipping can be found on the student and parent portal here.

What is the South Kent School Dress Code?

Dress Code & all other student policies can be found on the student and parent portal here.

How Do I Get to South Kent School?

Please click here for directions, local lodging and dining recommendations.

How Do I Purchase a Yearbook?



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