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With an overall mission to improve student learning, South Kent School’s Student Success Center offers strategic support services and additional academic resources to students looking to further develop the skills they need to thrive and succeed at South Kent and the world beyond.

The Student Success Center is available to all students on an as-needed basis. Throughout the academic day, faculty members from different disciplines are available in the Center to support students and answer content-specific questions. During free blocks and evening study hall hours, designated Student Success staff are available in the space to assist students.

The support model empowers students to practice toward the next level of skill development and academic success with programming that complements classroom study and offers specific help for those who need extra support in their regular courses. Our learning specialists consult with students to assist with organization and time management techniques, communication skills, reading comprehension and study strategies, project preparation, and working effectively with others and independently.

Academic Specialist Assistance Program (ASAP)

The Student Success Center offers additional targeted programming through the Academic Specialist Assistance Program (ASAP). ASAP is for students with individual documented learning needs, such as language-based learning differences, dyslexia, and executive function challenges. Students with neuropsychological evaluations and/or educational testing will be assessed and placed into the program that best serves their academic needs.

South Kent’s trained professional staff analyzes student learning profiles, works directly with students and their parents, recommends practical teaching approaches to faculty to meet student needs, and, as appropriate, consults with educational psychologists to identify students requiring support.

South Kent School’s instruction model is delivered in a one-on-one or small-group setting and is designed and implemented to empower students with individualized learning plans that offer them the best chance of success in meeting the demands of a rigorous academic program. Students enrolled in this program receive support with executive functioning, learning strategies, goal setting, reflection, and developing self-advocacy skills. These targets are implemented through the work students do in their core courses.

The Student Success Center and ASAP program help students gain valuable real-world skills and knowledge to be independent college-ready learners who can be successful at South Kent School and beyond.

Nicole Ruschmeyer
Director of Student Success
860.927.3539 ext. 218
[email protected]



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