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Experiences Built By Tradition

Our philosophy aims to provide students with the necessary skills to thrive in the rapidly-changing world that awaits them. Extracurricular clubs and activities play an integral part in the development of thriving and engaged citizens by providing students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge, develop critical skills, and support creative expression. Our program offerings are designed to stay flexible and relevant. We regularly assess our extracurricular program offerings and adapt them to mirror students’ current interests.


Student Government

At South Kent School, the spirit of leadership is embodied in the Student Body Government, where Prefects are elected annually by students and faculty to serve as the stewards of the student body. These individuals epitomize the values of responsibility, resilience, and selflessness.

Robotics & Engineering

South Kent School understands the importance of STEM-based programs. Robotics & Engineering club is designed for students to explore their interests and turn them into tangible skills and knowledge for their future careers.  South Kent competed at three major tournaments against both private and public schools including Loomis Chaffee School, Greenwich Academy, Putnam Science Academy…

AMG | Advanced Media Group

The dedicated AMG students collaborate for all things digital media and are responsible for the video of the annual Thriller Dance in the town center of Kent.  Students contribute to the production of sporting events, write articles for the GTD: Kent News and  showcasing their skills with in-game production, camera operation, score graphic overlay, OBS transitions, interviews, and post-production content…

Golf Club

The golf program at South Kent School is designed to develop an appreciation of the game in its players while enhancing their talent.

Chess Club

South Kent has a vibrant chess community thrives, anchored by the South Kent Chess Club, which hosts weekend tournaments that not only sharpen players’ skills but also cultivate a sense of community…


The Yearbook Club is a vibrant community of students dedicated to encapsulating the essence of our school year in a beautifully crafted yearbook. Additionally, we also support the archiving for South Kent’s 100 year history and legacy yearbooks

Ping Pong, Spike Ball, PickleBall Club

South Kent School prides itself on enlightening students on healthy lifestyle management, not just through our competitive athletics, but through everyday choices students make. We offer several everyday activities for students who are looking for a fun way to get regular exercise, or a social way to relax and unwind…

Skiing & Snowboarding Club

South Kent School offers outdoor adventures through skiing and snowboarding club that ventures out to local resorts throughout rural Connecticut…

Saturdays on the Hillside

Whether our students are looking for their next outdoor adventure, community service, creative freedom in the studio, or an opportunity for some fun, South Kent Saturdays are designed to give students time to explore activities that interest them while keeping them busy. Our weekend events and activities offer opportunities for students to break from their daily routines and connect with different people and places to broaden their horizons and discover new things about themselves…

Thriller Dance Group

“Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorize your neighborhood…” These iconic lyrics from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” have echoed through the streets of Kent for over a decade, thanks to the electrifying performances of South Kent School’s “Thriller” Group…



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