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The South Kent Prep Soccer Experience

For nearly two decades, South Kent’s Prep Soccer has served as the premier program for boys seeking an excellent college preparatory education and top-level soccer development, with unmatched success on and off the field. Our program is focused on individual and team development. As winners of multiple National and New England championships over the past fifteen years, all our graduates have earned opportunities at the collegiate level, with several playing in various professional leagues around the world. Our Prep Soccer players benefit from having a full-time strength and conditioning coach and program, certified athletic trainers, player care programs, video analysis, sports psychology curriculums, nutritional guidance, and access to top-class facilities, including two full-size soccer fields–one natural grass and one artificial turf–and an additional training pitch. The School aims to help our athletes develop and value player habits that will allow them to be productive and successful at and beyond the collegiate level.

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