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Ep. 4 | NBA Legend & Alum Talks Fatherhood

Ep. 4 | 12 Year NBA Legend & SKS Alumnus: Dorell Wright ’04 Shares Career & Fatherhood

Dorell Wright ’04 shares his experience of moving from Los Angeles to South Kent School and his transition from the Hillside to the NBA in Episode 4 of South Kent School’s Masterclass Series.

South Kent School is proud to invite SKS Alumnus Dorell Wright ’04 back to the Hillside for this special Father’s Day episode in our Masterclass Series. In this episode, Wright discusses how South Kent helped him develop on and off the court, leading to his success in the NBA.

Join Raphael Chillious to learn more about Dorell Wright’s journey from South Kent School to the pros, and the importance of family support, good mentors, and hard work along the way.

Topics & Highlights


  • Raphael Chillious and Dorell Wright discuss Wright’s South Kent experience.
  • Wright shares what he learned on and off the court: getting out of your comfort zone, developing lifelong skills like public speaking, and learning how to be a good leader.
  • Chillious and Wright discuss South Kent’s focus on culture and accountability, along with Dorell’s parents’ positive influence on his values and mindset during his teenage years, which contributed to Dorell’s readiness for the pros.
  • The conversation shifts to fatherhood, with Wright emphasizing the need to be a good role model.
  • Wright shares his parenting and coaching philosophy, highlighting the impact of his AAU coach’s advice to attend prep school for a direct path to the NBA. His parents emphasized the importance of education and college before pursuing a professional basketball career.
  • Wright and Chillious share moments of realization of their NBA potential, including standout performances in games and recognition from coaches about their talent and future in professional basketball.
  • Wright talks about his experience as a rookie in the NBA, playing with veterans and mentors like Shaquille O’Neal, Eddie Jones, Dwyane Wade, and Pat Riley, who emphasized the importance of hard work, player development, and adopting the ‘Mamba Mentality’ to succeed in the league.
  • Wright highlights the importance of having options beyond the sport, such as college, and he and Chillious discuss the value of education and hard work.
  • Wright reflects on his time at South Kent, highlighting the importance of navigating obstacles and staying focused on goals, despite challenges.
  • Wright pays tribute to his inspirations, including his dad, coaches, and D-Wade, emphasizing the impact they had on his personal growth and development.
  • Chillious and Wright end their talk with a nod to the South Kent “brotherhood” and lasting relationships formed at the School, highlighting the support and camaraderie shared among South Kent peers.

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