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South Kent School | Kent News GTD Partner

South Kent School has embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with the Kent News Good Times Dispatch (GTD), marking a significant step forward in local news coverage. This collaborative effort aims to enhance town news content while also providing South Kent students with invaluable professional experience in journalism and media.

Under the partnership, South Kent School students will have the opportunity to submit articles to the GTD for consideration, contributing to the expansion of local news coverage. In return, the GTD will receive support from South Kent students to cover more town news, enriching the publication with diverse perspectives and insights. Additionally, South Kent School news will now be covered by the GTD, bridging the gap between the school and the broader Kent community.


This innovative collaboration is the first of its kind in the region, setting a precedent for extending local news coverage to include prep schools. Spearheaded by the Advanced Media Group (AMG) at South Kent School, the partnership represents a new era of collaboration and community engagement. Guided by the expertise of Kathryn Boughton, Editor-in-Chief of Kent News, who brings nearly 50 years of professional experience to her mentorship role, South Kent students will receive invaluable mentorship and guidance as they navigate the world of journalism.

The inaugural article submission under this partnership delves into the rich history of South Kent School basketball, highlighting the team’s NEPSAC Championship in 2023 and the six players potentially competing in the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament, including McDonald’s All American, Elmarko Jackson. Authored by South Kent School students Raijon Dispensa, Mano Idir, Jason Zhou, Gerd Pflucker, Jaewon Kim, and South Kent Faculty Manager, Tommy Johnson, this article showcases the talent and dedication of South Kent students in producing impactful and insightful news content.

This partnership not only provides South Kent students with valuable skills and professional experience but also offers them the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the broader Kent community through impactful news coverage. As South Kent School and the GTD join forces to elevate local news coverage to new heights, they set a shining example of collaboration and community engagement for other institutions to follow.


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