Student Email Setup

South Kent School relies upon email communication almost exclusively. Therefore, all students will be provided a unique South Kent email address through Google’s Gmail service. New Students will be given access July 1st.

Accessing your South Kent Email

To log in to your SKS Email account, please find login and password information below then go to the SKS Email Login.

Email Address
Your South Kent email address is your last name, followed by your first initial.  For example, if your name is John Smith, your email address would be [email protected]  Be sure to enter your entire email address when logging in.

All new students have had their passwords set as an 8 digit number based on their date of birth, in the following format: mmddyyyy. For example, if your birth date is January 15, 1997, your password would be 01151997.

You may change your SKS Google account password by browsing to:, clicking Security, then clicking Change Password.

If you have any questions or difficulties accessing your email, please contact the SKS IT office [email protected] or 860-927-3539 x238


Clothing, Items and Packing Recommendations

Each room is furnished by the School with the basic necessities. There is also ample provision for decoration and electrical devices, so we ask that occupants of these rooms do not tape, nail, or tack their hangings onto, or into, the walls or doors. We request non-permanent adhesives. As mandated by fire safety regulations, electric heaters, hot-pots are prohibited.

Note: Dorm Supervisors, 6th Formers and Post Grads may keep small refrigerators, televisions and gaming systems in their rooms. All students are permitted to have their own personal computers. Cellular phones are also permitted.

Special notice about the 2020-2021 school year

School Store

Have these items ready to pick up from the SKS store by ordering online.


In planning your school wardrobe, it is important to remember the laundry service schedule. The laundry is picked up Monday morning and returned Thursday noon of the same week. It is recommended that a student have adequate clothing for a two-week period. Weekly laundry service includes all clothing and linens (towels, sheets, pillowcases and blankets) for the academic year.

The following is a list of recommended items:

Class Dress:

  • SKS Logo Polo shirts from approved vendors (Recommended 8-10)
  • Navy Blazer
  • Neckties (4)
  • Button Down dress shirt (Recommended 5)
  • Slacks/Dress Pants (Recommended 5)
  • Dress Shoes
  • Casual Dress Shoes
  • Dress Socks (10)
  • Casual Socks (10)
  • Belts (2)

Casual Dress and Athletic Wear

Clothing is expected to be neat and clean. Torn, ripped or immodest clothing is inappropriate, as are items emblazoned with messages pertaining to alcohol, drugs, and offensive sexual or social situations. South Kent recomends that boys bring enough casual clothing to wear during their free time and for athletics.


2 Pillows
2 Sets of sheets (twin XL)
4 Pillow cases
2 Blankets
4 Bath towels
4 Wash cloths

Suggested additional items

Flashlight, Air tight container to store food items, 1 or 2 power strips (extension cords are not allowed due to fire codes), Desk lamp, Package of replacement bulbs for desk lamp, Alarm clock (battery back-up), and Hanger-type tie rack.

Suggested School Supplies

Laptop, Pencils, Ballpoint Pens, and Notebooks.


Every student at South Kent School will be required to provide their own Apple iPad for their course work. The minimum requirement is an Apple iPad mini with OS 10 or later. Students should arrive for registration day with their iPads, where our Technology Department will register them and confirm their connection to the campus network. We will also provide assistance with downloading textbooks and any necessary applications.

Helpful Packing Guidelines

The following guidelines are included to help inform the packing process. Please reference the Residential Life section in the Community Handbook for further guidelines and information. Labeling Personal Belongings: Before the student leaves home, a printed name tape should be sewn into every article of clothing. It is suggested that the tapes be located on the inside the collar band of coats and shirts. Inside the back waistband of pants. Inside the top of socks in a vertical position. Don't bring more than you need! Storage space is minimized by new fire regulations and none of our rooms are large enough to accommodate superfluous items. South Kent School does provide a small personal safe in every room for valuables. (It is strongly recommended that travel tickets, valuables, and excess cash be stored in the Business Office safe).