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Meet South Kent New Alumni Connection

As part of our Centennial celebrations, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our our new alumni portal, SKS Alumni Connection.

SKS Alumni Connection brings our alumni community together by providing you with access to:

  • Alumni updates
  • Mentoring opportunities between professionals and college graduates/students looking to start their careers
  • Career networking and an exclusive jobs board
  • Groups based on graduating class, interest, industry, and location
  • Event invitations
  • Feeds such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • News from the Hillside

This portal serves as a dynamic bridge, connecting alumni, current students, and the entire South Kent community. The platform is designed to revolutionize how South Kent alumni engage with each other, providing a centralized hub for sharing news, updates, and events that span our vibrant history and extend into the future.

Key Features of the Alumni Connection Portal:

Enhanced Communication: Keep abreast of the latest SKS news, special content, events, alumni happenings, photo galleries, and resources provided by the Alumni team. Our portal ensures you are always in the loop with real-time updates from South Kent School.

Meaningful Relationships: Connect with alumni, current students, and community members. Share experiences, memories, and advice to strengthen the bonds that make the South Kent community special.

Mentorship Opportunities: Give back to the community by offering internships and mentorship to current students and recent graduates. The portal serves as a platform for sharing experiences and guidance, fostering the development of the next generation of SKS alumni.

Job & Internship Postings: Post job opportunities, creating a valuable resource for those seeking employment or advancing their careers. Tap into the power of the South Kent network to explore professional opportunities.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite each and every member of the South Kent community to join us on the Alumni Connection Portal. Let’s celebrate our shared history, create lasting connections, and pave the way for a future filled with collaboration and success.

How To Get Started on SKS Alumni Connection

  1. Update your profile with your image, current location, and professional background.
  2. Join or start a “Group” in your community and connect your company’s hiring team to post job/interns for South Kent Alumni to see.
  3. Most importantly, share the portal with your South Kent Alumni on social media via email or text. Help us spread the word and get the SKS community connected!

Got more questions?  Check out our FAQs and contact the Alumni Engagement team if needed.

Thank you for your continued support!

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