Hockey has been an integral part of South Kent since its founding in 1923. From pond hockey to our current facility, the tradition of men’s ice hockey is as vibrant as ever on the Hillside. Each student-athlete is challenged to achieve his personal best while discovering the greatness that is attainable as part of a team.

South Kent School boasts multiple hockey teams, appropriately based on talent and skill. South Kent Hockey has a long and treasured history and continues with the development of skills such as self-discipline, commitment, respect for others and sportsmanship, along with a fervent passion for the game.

The Prep Hockey team provides elite level practice, training and coaching staff. The season for the South Kent Prep Hockey team runs from September to April. Playing on Prep Hockey allows for potential opportunities for players to be selected on future Select Academy Teams.

The team consists of student athletes between the ages of 14 – 18 and has a competitive schedule playing junior, international,  and other US prep school hockey teams. South Kent School is committed to offering the best and most competitive hockey program in the United States. The team is made up of both domestic and international players.

If you are interested in being part of a great hockey tradition, at a school where the priority is providing a rigorous academic program, please contact Head Coach Chris Uber or Jack Sweeney, Director of Enrollment.