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2020 Underform Award Winners

May 30th, 2020

Congratulations to the Underform Award Winners and the entire Underform for the academic year of 2019-2020. Your hard work during trying times is worthy of appreciation. We wish you all an enjoyable, safe summer and look forward to seeing you back on the Hillside in the fall!

Form Cups

Fifth Form Cup

Cameron Miranda and Eli Barnett

Fourth Form Cup

Copeland Fricker and Junwei Zhang

Third Form Cup

Nate Bartoli and Jinqiao Li

The "Little Billy" Cup

Conor Shortall and Will Whittaker

Third Form Core

Simplicity of Life Award

Jack Forbes

Self-Reliance Award

Junkun Zhang

Directness of Purpose Award

Haoyang Zhong

Fourth Form Core

Top Student in History II 

James Yan and Sawyer Beyer

Most Improved Student in World History II

Edward Trenkmann

Top Student in English II

Paolo Mangiafico

Most Improved Student in English II

Steven Pickering

Fifth Form Core

Trinity Book Prize

Caleb Ockman

Harvard Book Prize

Jemmy Chen

Top Student in English 3

Caleb Ockman

Top Student in US History

Matthew Pointer


Top Student in Algebra I

Woody Manes

Top Student in Algebra II

Hans Ulvebne and Oskari Vuorio

Top Student in Geometry    

Junkun Zhang

Top Student in Introduction to Calculus

Ziyu Lin

Top Student in Precalculus

Jinqiao Li and Paolo Mangiafico

Top Student in SUPA Calculus I    

Bowen Yao


Top Student in Advanced Environmental Science

Caleb Ockman

Top Student in Advanced Physics

Mingjie Chen

Top Student in Anatomy & Physiology

Sean Mullvihill

Top Student in Biology

Minghan Gao

Top Student in Chemistry

Gustavo Soares De Iasi

Most Tenacious Worker in Chemistry

Junwei Zhang 

Top Student in Ecology

Jake Bongo

Top Student in Physical Science

Harrison Bylin

Top Student in Physics First

Jinqiao Li

Art and Music

Most Improved Art Student

Alex Mickanin 

Top Student in Music

Ze Meng

Excellence in Music Award

Caleb Ockman, Jinghao He, Joshua Bolma, and Mohammed Seidu



Top student in ESL 1

Haoyang Zhong

Top student in ESL 2

Zecheng Li

Top student in ESL 3

Minghan Gao

Top Student in Language Lab

Arthur Smith

Top Student in Spanish 1

Jinqiao Li

Top Student in Spanish 2

Junwei Zhang

Top Student in Spanish 3

Steven Pickering

Top Student in Spanish 4

Paolo Mangiafico

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