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Alfie Jefferis Competing in U18 Worlds Tournament in Poland

South Kent Hockey has excelled at bringing in focused boys to help them develop into resilient, hard working hockey players who play the game with class. Alfie Jefferis, current senior on the Hillside, epitomizes what South Kent Hockey stands for, an individual who represents the program and leads by example for his peers. 

After being a standout goalie for the AAA Hockey team, Alfie will be competing at the U18 World Championship in Poland from April 17-24 as a member of Team Great Britain. Born and raised in Rhoose, Wales, Alfie fell in love with hockey at a young age, as he constantly went to see the Cardiff Devils play with his father. Despite soccer and rugby being popular in his hometown, Alfie Jefferis knew his first love was hockey. Once he started his career, he stumbled upon playing goalie as a skater, volunteering to become his team’s goalie to fill a vacant spot on the team. Consequently, Alfie took advantage of private sessions through his childhood with close coaches and mentors to improve his game. Because of his hard work, Alfie Jefferis made tremendous strides in his craft, allowing him an opportunity to play in the United States for the New Hampshire Monarchs.

Alfie was recruited to play for the 18U AAA team at South Kent after spending a year with the New Hampshire Monarchs, ready to take his game to another level. From the moment he stepped foot on campus, Alfie instantly gravitated towards the opportunities presented on the Hillside for hockey players and students, especially the close proximity to facilities.

 “Only having to walk a few minutes to the rink and the gym feels like the college treatment, and it’s really helped me develop quicker than ever. The flexibility of faculty is great as well outside of practice because whenever I struggle with something in class, they are always there to support me at any time, and the relationship is different with them than other places. Being close with them has helped me a lot.”

During his time at South Kent, Alfie has learned more about himself, finding ways to improve his daily schedule. He continues to soak up knowledge gained from coaches and faculty to keep his day-to-day-tasks in check.

“My productivity has increased quite a bit since coming here. Everything I do here makes me a better person, whether it’s asking for help in school, willing myself through workouts, or involving myself in the community with Father Klots’s service trips. Reflecting everyday makes me realize how much I have to appreciate from my experience at South Kent.”

As a person who works vigorously on his mindset, Alfie has grown fond of the teachings from Strength and Conditioning Coach Pat Bonis, instilling ways for students to ground themselves in preparation for obstacles on the ice. He now includes meditation as a part of his everyday routine to make sure he stays in the right frame of mind before stepping between the pipes.

“Learning the benefits of breathing has been great because I now have other ways to improve my game off the ice. My breathing techniques help me visualize making big plays, which has enabled me to grow my confidence.”

18U AAA Hockey head coach Rich Brande has loved the progress Alfie has made during the season, describing him as “an outwardly fierce competitor, a great athlete, and the type of kid you want representing your program.” As soon as he stepped foot on campus, he has bought into the doctrines that make so many South Kent hockey players successful.

“The inspiring community has been a huge factor in my growth as a person. Everyone here is competing to improve their game, but they do it by helping each other, which is something that is keeping me humble before playing on the world stage. If you come to South Kent to play hockey, you’re going to learn how a team operates on the ice and in everything else you do. I’m excited to take what I’ve learned into the tournament in Poland.”

Following the Tournament’s completion on April 24, Alfie will be returning to campus on April 27. For more stories like Alfie’s, visit our News Hub.

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