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Fall Athletics Awards 2018

January 7th, 2019

The Fall Athletics Awards honor the top athletes on our Prep Soccer, Varsity Soccer, Cross Country, and Mountain Biking teams. 

This season's winners are:

Prep Soccer

  • Mohammed Seidu - Coaches Award
  • Jai Bean - Tyler Hoadley '15 Most Improved Player
  • Keishon Bean - Tyler Hoadley '15 Most Improved Player
  • Alexander Adjetey - Golden Boot Award


Varsity Soccer

  • Caleb Ockman - Ballon d'Rojo Award
  • Dylan Baptista - Golden Boot Award
  • Shane Hauck - Coaches Award
  • Gilbert Lauridsen - Coaches Award


Cross Country

  • Mingjun Xu - Arthur W. Brown Cup for Most Improved Runner
  • Zhenghao Dong - Anne Funnell Cup for the Most Valuable Runner


Mountain Biking

  • Nick Demartino - Most Valuable Player
  • Trey King - Most Valuable Player
  • Matthew Franks - Most Improved Player
  • Jules Manes - Coaches Award

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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