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Call to Adventure Trip to Colorado and Utah

May 5th, 2016

The Call to Adventure Group at the Summit!

The Call to Adventure affinity group prides itself on pushing the boys who take part to new limits. No experience encapsulates this goal more than the yearly trip to the Westward. Led by Patrick Bonis, this year's Call to Adventure group traveled all the way to Colorado and Utah. The boys began their journey with the goal of summiting Mt. Elbert, the highest point of the Rocky Mountains located in Colorado. The altitude of the peak measures in at 14,443, making it the second highest point in the contiguous United States. Griffin Uftring, one of the boys on the trip, spoke about the difficulty of such a journey.

"I'm not exaggerating this: The hike was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my entire life. I have done countless hours of conditioning on the ice for hockey, I have sprinted laps in pools, I have pulled sleds across fields, but walking up Mt. Elbert was by far the hardest of them all."

Still Smiling at 12,00 feet!

Adminst the freezing cold conditions and steep hiking conditions, the boys had to deal with altitudes that made walking mere feet feel like miles. The thin air left many boys, Griffin included, with altitude sickness that rendered their bodies far less athletic than they thought. But by fighting through these oppressive conditions, a good chunk of the boys made it to the peak. Even those who didn't summit learned alot about themselves in the process. The ability to overcome overwhelming odds, to push firmly against adversity, and to struggle with your last breath before giving up all were taught in this trip that not only galvanized the boys together, but made them understand themselves on a deeper level.

The Delicate Arch in Utah

After the freezing cold of Colorado, the boys ventured to Utah, a state that Mr. Bonis said was "full of adventurers." The boys fit right into the culture, joining many other hikers on beautiful desert trails. They traversed rocky scenery and saw beautiful sights, including the iconic Delicate Arch.

Griffin knows the journey out West was a difficult one, but urges future SKS boys to not fear the struggle but embrace it. "To anyone that is unsure about going on this trip, I highly recommend you attend, but don’t go if you’re not willing to put the work in. This is not a vacation, this is a way to find our more about yourself physically and emotionally."

Visit the Call to Adventure's Facebook page HERE to see pictures of this journey and others from throughout the year. Like their page to see all their future trips as well!

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