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  • Prize Day Challenge

    March 15th, 2019

    Join us on April 30th for the Prize Day Challenge, our 36-hour challenge for alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends to make a donation to the South Kent School Annual Fund. Our goal is to acquire 150 gifts totaling $36,000 in 36-hours.

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  • Fourth Formers Bring History to Life in Galileo Trial

    March 7th, 2019 by Sarah Pfeffer

    Galileo Galilei was on trial once again at South Kent School on Wednesday, March 6th, and the entire Fourth Form participated in the project, embodying historical characters from 17th century Italy. The class was split into two consecutive trials, both with a modern courtroom twist. The first was based on the Decree of 1616 forbidding Galileo to spread his ideas supporting Copernican heliocentrism and the second modeled the subsequent 1633 trial of Galileo by the Roman Inquisition.

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  • South Kent Selects Academy U18 Wins the USPHL Championship!

    February 26th, 2019 by Sarah Pfeffer

    The South Kent Selects Academy U18 team has won the USPHL Championship! After defeating the New Jersey Hitmen 3-1 on Sunday, February 24th, captain Jack Robilotti ’19 called it “a great weekend lot of great competition.” For a number of student-athletes on the team, this was the second year in a row earning this honor, as the U16s took home the title last year. “It was great to win another USPHL championship, back to-back ,” said captain Jack Robilotti '19, who is also a South Kent prefect.

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    February 9th, 2019

    It is with great pleasure that I share with you the exciting news that Lawrence A. Smith ’73 has been elected South Kent’s ninth Head of School. Lawrence accepted the permanent position following a unanimous vote by the Board of Trustees during its 2019 winter meeting. The election of Lawrence formally completes a transition process begun last August.

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  • Students Celebrate MLK Day With Self-Reflective Discussion

    January 31st, 2019

    This past week, the students and faculty at South Kent School worked together to plan a day to honor and celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his ideas on race, justice, and peaceful protesting.

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  • VOTE NOW: Three South Kent Alumni Nominated for Hobey Baker Award

    January 22nd, 2019

    Among those in the running for “college hockey’s most prestigious award” are former South Kent hockey players Alex Limoges '16, Pennsylvania State University forward, Chase Priskie '14, Quinnipiac defenseman, team captain, and Washington Capitals draft pick, and Joe Snively ’14, Yale University forward.

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  • Faculty Profile: Patty Garcia-Pedroso

    January 14th, 2019 by Sarah Pfeffer

    It’s been over 15 years since Patty Garcia-Pedroso first visited the Hillside at South Kent School. “Gonzo wanted to show me the school while we were in New York City for a shoe show,” she remembers of her trip with now-husband Gonzalo Garcia-Pedroso ’95. “He was working for his father and was very excited to take some time off and share his school with me.”

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  • Fall Athletics Awards 2018

    January 7th, 2019

    The Fall Athletics Awards honor the top athletes on our Prep Soccer, Varsity Soccer, and Cross Country Teams. 

    This season's winners are:

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