South Kent School, established in 1923, is a college preparatory school for boys in grades 9 through 12 nestled in the hills of picturesque northwestern Connecticut.  South Kent School prepares young men to succeed in college and thrive as thoughtful and engaged citizens in a rapidly changing and intensely competitive world.

Stand-out features of South Kent:

  • Challenge-based learning techniques encourage students to solve real-world problems by employing the principles they learn
  • 600 acre campus with 10 miles of bike trails, two ponds, a working farm, and a teaching kitchen
  • A strong international student presence offers unique opportunities for cross-cultural learning and the development of international contacts
  • Elite level athletic programs that foster an overall environment of physical and mental fitness

If you are interested in employment opportunities, please submit your resume to Phil Darrin, Director of Student Success, at [email protected]

Open Faculty and Staff Positions:

South Kent School is hiring for the following positions

Must have at least a bachelors degree in science or related major, masters preferred. Additional experience teaching, living in a boarding school community, and coaching athletics also preferred but not required.


Teach 4 sections (around 45 students) of Chemistry.

To fulfill other customary duties of teachers at the school:

  • Dormitory supervision
  • Dining hall supervision
  • Coaching sports/supervising afternoon activities
  • Weekend duties
  • Advisor to students
  • Communication with parents of students and advisees
  • Participation in all other co-curricular programs of the school, including chapel
Qualifications and Skills Needed

In addition to proficiency in science and a strong background in technology, the instructor must:

  • Work well with, and relate to high school boys
  • Convey enthusiasm and excitement to help instill a desire to learn
  • Teach adolescents the fundamental aspects of the science and associated skills
  • Commit to helping our boys thrive
  • Possess strong organizational skills
  • Use effective classroom management techniques
  • Understand how to improve and assess student progress
  • Employ effective strategies for integrating students of any skill level
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the head of school
  • Support the school and its leadership

The full-time position comes with a competitive compensation package, including:

  • $35,000 base salary - additional compensation based upon degrees and experience
  • Housing - depending on availability
  • Meals while school is in session
  • Health Plan
  • Retirement Plan (for qualified applicants)

Additional Salary Information: Salary can be adjusted to account for degrees and/or experience.

Job Description:

Under the supervision of the Facilities Director, Rink Manager and Grounds Foreman, this position is a multi-roled position.  Successful candidates will split their year between their responsibilities on grounds maintenance and responsibilities at the ice rink which includes operation of the Zamboni. Successful candidates will have a mechanical background and will be trained completely on the operation and daily maintenance of the mowing equipment, pool, Zamboni and the rink chiller equipment.

Rink Responsibilities – mid-November thru mid-March.  Mostly nights and weekends
  • Zamboni maintenance – fluid checks, washing, blade changes.
  • Ice maintenance – ice cuts, edging, flooding.
  • Insure and maintain acceptable ice condition.
  • Perform thorough maintenance on machinery, equipment and systems.
  • Participate in keeping all areas of the facility neat, clean and safe at all times.  These duties include sweeping and mopping the rink restrooms, locker rooms, shower areas, lobby, meeting rooms, bleachers and removing trash, changing lights, cleaning rink glass, etc.
  • Making sure all entrances are clear and safe of debris and snow.
  • Offer excellent customer service to all patrons.  Greet customers with a smile and respond to their needs in a kind and courteous manner.
  • Handle all inquiries in the same kind and courteous manner.
  • Open and/or close the facility as required.
  • Be available to work nights and weekends.


Grounds Crew – mid-March thru mid-November
  • Snow plowing and shoveling.
  • Pruning, mowing, mulching, leaf removal, gardening, planting and fertilizing.
  • Sports fields set-up and maintenance.
  • Bus safety checks.
  • Perform thorough, daily maintenance on machinery and vehicles.
  • Seasonal swimming pool maintenance.
  • Must be available for off-hour emergencies when called upon.
  • Must be available to work weekends when needed.
  • Help other maintenance personnel with their work when needed.


Skills Required:
  • Excellent knowledge of machinery and hydraulic, electrical and other systems and their components.
  • Aptitude in using various hand tools (screwdrivers, hammers, drills etc.).
  • Must be able to work well in a team environment.
  • Must be highly motivated to learn new skills, (ice resurfacing, ice edging, planting) that are essential for a successful school rink and grounds operation.
  • Must have the ability to solve problems as they arise and be able to perform tasks without supervision.
  • Must be able to assume a positive and active role at the rink, even while working under potentially stressful conditions (weather, upset or injured participants, etc.).
  • Must have the ability to be firm with participants when necessary and make sound decisions in order to ensure the safety and well-being of participants, facilities and equipment.
  • Ability to understand and carry out verbal and/or written instructions efficiently and effectively. This will include the ability to complete daily reports.
  • Be able to follow safety guidelines and exercise good judgment in all aspects of responsibility.
  • Must be physically strong enough to lift and move heavy objects, such as hockey nets.
  • Must have a valid driver's license


Job Type: Full Time
Benefits & Salary
  • Starting salary $36,000
  • 12 paid holidays
  • 2 weeks paid vacation the 1st year
  • Health benefits available
  • Life Insurance
  • 403C retirement plan – eligible after completion of 2nd year
  • References required
  • Employment dependent upon clean background check