The iPad is a device that is designed to complement, rather than replace, desktop or laptop computers.

The iPad:

  • is a portable touch screen device
  • allows mirroring for presentation and instruction
  • uses a wireless connection for networks
  • automatically saves files, which can be shared via the internet and wireless networks
  • syncs and backs-up to the iCloud or connects to Windows or Mac computers using iTunes to sync and back-up
  • apps are purchased/accessed and installed via the App Store or iTunes
  • has two cameras for content capture
  • has Siri for voice to text and other audible comands
  • uses iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) to open, edit, save and export Apple iWork and Microsoft Office files.

Testing and documentation to this point in time suggest:

  • iPad’s compact size, ease of transportability and design means it can be used in almost any learning situation
  • long battery life will allow it to be used all day at school without recharging
  • it is instantly on, simple to use and manage, and very easy to read
  • files are automatically saved and can be stored in the ‘cloud’ and shared in various ways
  • the operating system and apps promote collaboration
  • the level of interactivity and highly diverse modes of use will support innovative learning opportunities.

The iPad is the ideal device for anywhere, anytime learning.

In the Curriculum

It’s collaborative, compact and connects students to our “flat world”. It is also a different approach to computing and learning, one that doesn’t necessarily replicate how we’ve had students use computers in the past.  If the expectation is that an iPad will be used as a computer replacement, then its potential hasn’t been tapped. 

An iPad used with a challenged based curriculum fosters a different kind of connection to information and learning.  It provides immediate and quick access for classroom questions, or for teams of students to enter content, analyze data or interact with literature.

It is not a technology to use with traditional teaching approaches, but a technology that changes the focus in a classroom and opens up student centered learning.

In the event that your iPad is inoperable, SKS has a limited number of spares for use while the iPad is repaired or replaced for the student. South Kent will work with Apple on all technical issues but it remains the responsibility of the student and family to pay any fees billed for any repair outside of the standard warranty.

Insurance is available from many companies to cover damage or loss to your iPad. Some information is provided below, but families are encouraged to do their own research on available protection.


Safeware provides excellent coverage for many common accidents and can be purchased for 1,2 or even 3 years.

The insurance policy is an additional fee that is paid for by the Parents with a deductible for each claim (within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico).
The deductible is also the financial responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian. The insurance covers accidental damage from liquid spills,
power surges, drops, falls, collisions, theft, vandalism, flood, fire, smoke, wind, and earthquake, as well as damage to batteries and ac adapters.
Insurance does not cover negligence and abuse.

If an iPad is damaged by neglect or abuse, it is the family’s financial responsibility to replace the iPad at a price of approximately $400 for an iPad2 and $300 for an iPad mini.
If an iPad is damaged, the IT department will work with the student, Apple, and Safeware to determine if it is a warranty or insurance claim incident.

Third-Party iPad insurers

Here are the leading providers of iPad insurance for schools:

Other types of coverage can be secured via Apple’s Applecare, personal homeowners or renter’s policy and extended coverage via credit cards.

When shopping for iPad insurance, there are several key factors that should be considered.  Some of these include:

Secure Funding

What insurance company underwrites the insurance policy?  For example, the Worth Ave. product is underwritten by Hanover Insurance Company.


What does the policy cover?  For example, some policies cover accidental damage, but not theft.  Water damage may be covered, but not for complete submersion of the iPad.

Deductible and incidents

What is the deductible per claim, and how many claims are permitted during the polity term?


Certainly, cost is an issue as it adds to the overall price of the iPad.

Protecting the iPad makes sense.  It’s worth the time and effort to research all available options to ensure the chosen plan represents the best fit for the digital program.

Follow the directions here to sync your Email and Calendars from Google Apps to your iPad.

From your home screen, tap the Settings icon.
In the menu at the left, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.  Then at the right, tap Add Account...

Tap the Gmail option.

Fill out your email account information as shown below, then tap Next.

Select the Sync options for your Mail, Calendars, and Notes.  Mail and Calendars should be ON, and Notes should be OFF.  We do recommend that you leave Notes turned OFF, so that your Notes will be backed up by iCloud.  Verify that your settings match what is shown below, then tap Save to complete the setup.

South Kent School requires that all students have a United States iTunes account in order to access course materials including apps, ebooks etc. It is also helpful that is not linked to a credit card to help avoid charges to your credit card.

South Kent School is not responsible for any charges made by or from the students iPad, iTunes account, Amazon account etc.

The iTunes Store offers a large variety of free content, but to download it you have to have an account. Usually you have to enter your credit card information to sign up, but here’s an easy way to get an iTunes account for free downloads without entering any payment info and to avoid any excessive charges to your credit card.

Although the iTunes Store is known for paid downloads of movies, music, apps, books and more, it also has a treasure trove of free media. Some of it, including Podcasts and iTunes U educational content do not require an account to download. However, any other free content, including free iPad apps and free or promotional music, videos, and TV Shows all require an account to download. If you try to download a free movie or music download, you will be required to enter payment information.

Even though your card will not be charged, it will be kept on file so you can be charged if you download a for-pay item.

Due to so many items being available at a cost, it may be preferable to not have your account linked to a credit card. The following steps will get you an account without entering your credit card info.

Getting Started

First, make sure you have iTunes installed on your laptop. If you don’t already have it, download and install it (iTunes(link is external)) with the default settings.

Now open iTunes, and click the iTunes Store link on the left.

Click the App Store link on the top of this page.

Select a free app to download.

A simple way to do this is to scroll down to the Top Free Apps box on the right side, hover your mouse over the first item, and click on the Free button that appears when you hover over it.

A popup will open asking you to sign in with your Apple ID. Click “Create New Account”.

Click Continue to create your account.

Check the box to accept the Store Terms and Conditions, and click Continue.

Enter your South Kent email address (If you don't have your South Kent email address please contact South Kent IT for support), password, security question, and date of birth, and uncheck the boxes to get email if you don’t want it…then click Continue.

Now, you will be asked to provide a payment method. Notice now that the last option says None! Click that bullet option…

Then enter your billing address. Simply enter South Kent School as your address if you are not linking the account to a credit card (40 Bulls Bridge Rd South Kent CT 06785) Click Continue and your account will be created!

If you get the Address Verification screen just enter United States to continue without linking to a credit card.

An email will be sent to you to verify your account…

Click on the link in your email to verify your account, iTunes will launch and you’re prompted to enter in the Apple ID and Password you just created.

Your account is successfully created!

Now you can easily download any free media from iTunes. Keep an eye on the Free on iTunes box on the bottom of the iTunes Store page for interesting downloads and watch the popular Free downloads on the Apps page.

And of course there is always great content on iTunes U to download for free as well.

Purchasing for-pay media using gift cards

If you want to purchase an item on the iTunes store, simply click on the item to download as normal. Click Buy to proceed with the purchase.

iTunes giftcards will be available in the South Kent Store and can also be purchased and sent to students electronically. Students can redeem these gift cards within iTunes and purchase content with them.


Remove Payment Information from an iTunes Account

If you’ve already entered payment information into your iTunes account, and would like to remove it, click Store in the top iTunes menu, and select View My Account.

Enter your Apple ID email and password, and click View Account.

This will open your account information. Click the Edit Payment Information button.

Now, click the None button to remove your payment information. Click Done to save the changes.

Your account will now prompt you to enter payment information if you try to make a purchase.
You could repeat these steps after making a purchase if you do not want iTunes to keep your payment info on file.

So what am I, as a student, looking to do with the iPad...

This is one of the questions that is being asked, and this page is here with "next steps" to help direct the program. The very first step should be incorporating the iPad to your day-to-day life. Use it for email, read a book or write a blog, view online videos, play a game, listen to music; or just get a feel for what the iPad is and what it can do for you.

Going Paperless

What do we mean by paperless?

With everyone at South Kent School using an iPad the concept of paperless is very manageable. Student work can be submitted via email as a PDF(link is external) and returned with comments and corrections using apps like iAnnotate(link is external). This method allows for simple tracking of the assignment, no more printer issues, out of paper, lost assignment, etc. Students and Faculty can archive the emails sent/received and access this information at any time, anywhere.

Does this mean we will never use paper? No.

Using this method can help reduce our use. Many times we see various drafts, editions, corrections etc piling up in printers as well as trash and recycle bins. There will still be times we want students to use paper and South Kent strongly encourages having some assignments being hand written. We just ask that we focus on reducing our dependency on so much paper.

Common practice

Students are to turn in their work as a PDF. Every program like Word, Pages and Google Docs allows the user to export their document in the PDF format. No more emailed attachments from programs we don't have installed on our machines! Requiring the students to use PDF's is something many College and Universities are already setting into place, it's common practice and should be encouraged early.

South Kent School recognizes that students learn and engage in education differently than students of the past. Time and again, research has demonstrated that these students learn best when they are actively engaged, and technology helps engage students.

Students can use their iPad:
• as an organizational tool to track assignments, homework and class projects
• to access the internet to research information needed for class projects
• to create on-line presentations
• to word process class papers and projects
• to run a variety of applications to enhance their learning experience in class
• to read electronic books, tests, newspapers and magazines

Q. Who needs an iPad?
A. All enrolled South Kent students are required to have an Apple iPad.  The minimum required model for student iPads is the new (2018) 9.7 inch iPad.  Click here for more information.  

Q. Who owns the iPad?
A. The iPad is purchased and owned by the students/family. South Kent School strongly recomends the students/family find ways to insure and protect their investment.

Q. Should I insure the iPad?
A. South Kent School strongly encourages all students/families to insure the iPad.

Q. Do I need an Apple computer?
A. No. South Kent has chosen the iPad because of the fact that it can operate in conjunction with any laptop/desktop computer with any standard operating system (OS) that runs iTunes.

Q. Will I still need a laptop/desktop computer?
A. Short answer is yes.
While the iPad was never intended as a complete computer replacement, the iPad should be able to handle the vast majority of a student's needs.  The one thing that will be strongly suggested is a computer to use to sync the iPad.  Syncing the iPad simply means you connect the iPad to a computer via iTunes and the contents of the iPad is backed up to that computer.  The syncing process usually takes a couple of minutes.  The most efficient situation will be having a computer to use to sync the iPad. Syncing or not syncing will not affect how the iPad is used.  It just provides a backup for everything that is saved on the iPad in the event that something should happen to it.  All students are also highly encouraged to back up their iPads using the Apple iCloud feature. This will insure that all information stored can be recovered in the event of loss or damage.

Q. May I opt out of using the iPad altogether?
A. No. The benefits of a tool like this in a school situation can only be achieved if all students use the tool. South Kent School's curriculum is built around the use of this technology.

Q. Do I need to create a separate email account to use with the iPad?
A. All the necessary services that we will use at South Kent, like calendaring and email, will be provided for by using the student's Google Apps account.

Q. Can I install my own Apps?
A. Yes. We want students to be able to load their own Apps. Students will be responsible for keeping their Apps (and all data) synced and up to date.

Q. I already have an iPad. Will I be able to use that one?
A. Yes. If you already have an iPad, you can use it as long as it meets the minimum requirements set forth by the school. 

Q. If I use my own iPad, how will I get the correct Apps and what will it cost?
A. All the Apps that we are requiring will be available in the iTunes store. As we don't yet have the final list of required or recommended Apps, we are not sure of the overall cost. However, we ask that families budget as much as $100.00 for this.

Q. Will all textbooks be available electronically next year?
A. Yes. South Kent is working on securing all textbooks to work on the iPad. South Kent School currently boast a 99% digital curriculum adoption rate, the highest in the nation.

Q. I understand that many textbooks may be available in an electronic version next year.  What about novels that are required reading in some classes?
A. Most novels that will be used in class are available electronically and every student will have the option of using the electronic version of those novels.  PDF's can also be read on the iPad via the iBooks App. South Kent will have a site dedicated to providing information on how to go about purchasing those electronic books for your students and their iPads.

Q.How do I purchase content for the iPad?
A. There are many ways of getting content onto the iPad but the primary source will be via iTunes. All of these can be used with an iTunes account.

Q. Will I need to create a new iTunes account to use with the iPad?
A. While an iTunes account will be required with the iPad, it does not have to be new. Any existing iTunes account can be configured on the iPad. It is even possible to have more than one iPad attached to the same iTunes account and still be able to have different configurations on each iPad. South Kent strongly encourages the students to create an iTunes account using their SKS Google Apps email and the School address.

Q. I understand that I will need access to an iTunes account to use with the iPad. Don't iTunes accounts require a credit card?
A. There are actually a few ways to deal with this issue. First, it is entirely possible to set up an iTunes account that does not have a credit card attached to it. In order to make any purchases, you would need to first purchase and add an iTunes gift card to the account. Once the gift card amount has been used, no further purchases can be made until another gift card is added. iTunes gift cards can be purchased at the South Kent Bookstore in denominations of $25.

South Kent strongly encourages each student open an iTunes account without linking to a credit card to help avoid excessive charges. 

Q. Won't the iPad be a distraction in Class? Students playing games in class instead of staying on task?
A. This is something that our faculty have already learned how to deal with as they already face this same issue every day when using existing computers and other electronic devices in the classroom. This is also one of the many reasons we are going forward with the program. Our faculty will always continue learning new techniques on how to keep students on task but educating the students on how to use the technology responsibly and efficiently will be one of their biggest assets.

Q. Will the Internet be filtered on my sons iPad?
A. While on campus, the iPads will be filtered exactly like all devices on our network.  A reminder that no Internet filtering is 100% effective.  The filtering software will, at times, filter sites that it shouldn't and fail to filter sites that it should.  However, for the most part, it does help cut down on students browsing inappropriate Internet sites. This only applies to any device connected via the SKS network. If you choose to purchase an iPad or any other devices that uses cell/satellite service or any other connection, the responsibility will fall on the owner of the private network.

Q. What happens if an iPad gets broken, lost or stolen?
A. If an iPad is broken, lost, or stolen through negligence (such as leaving it unattended or unsecured), the family will be billed for a new device.
If purchased, Apple's AppleCare will cover hardware malfunctions for a two-year period, but not breakages caused by the user.
There is also the option of purchasing insurance for the iPad. The insurance will cover damaged, lost, or stolen iPads.

You should also make sure to check with your homeowners, renters, and/or car insurance to see if loss or damage to an iPad would be covered.

Q. If the iPad has to be sent off for repair, will I be at a disadvantage in class?
A. If there is a problem with an iPad, the iPad should be brought to South Kent IT Office so that we can send it off for repair. The turn-around time for repairs is usually 3 to 5 days. During this time, we will supply a loaner iPad so that there is no disadvantage to the student. As long as the iPad has been synced to a computer or the cloud, the loaner iPad can be set up exactly like the original with no loss of data and the student can continue using the iPad as before.

Q. If I decide to use my personal iPad, will South Kent handle the repair and tech support just like they would if we received it through the program?
A. Yes and no. South Kent's IT department will always help any student with problems related to our set-up, accessing school resources, or general use issues, regardless of who purchased the iPad. However, as we did not purchase maintenance contracts for your personal equipment, we can't send off your iPad for warranty repair. That will be something that you will have to handle yourself. The Danbury Apple Store is the nearest location that can provide service. As always, you can contact the IT department if you need advice on how to go about getting your personal iPad repaired.

iTunes and Amazon Account

In order to purchase academic content for the iPad from the iTunes store and Amazon each student is required to have an iTunes and Amazon account. South Kent strongly encourages that all the students open an iTunes account without linking to a credit card to help avoid excessive charges. A link on how to set up the account can be found here.

Spares, Damage or Loss of iPad

In the event that the iPad is inoperable, South Kent School has a limited number of spares for use while the iPad is repaired or replaced for the student, with proof of Safeware or other insurance. Those without insurance will be required to place a $500 deposit to receive a spare or purchase a replacement. South Kent School will work with Apple on all technical issues but it remains the responsibility of the student and family to pay any fees associated with any repair outside of the standard warranty.

AppleCare Plus

With the AppleCare Protection Plan, you can extend your service coverage to two years from the iPad purchase date. You can call Apple's award-winning technical support experts as often as you like and get your questions answered. And if you need repair service, we offer convenient service options.


Safeware provides excellent coverage for many common accidents and can be purchased for 1,2 or even 3 years.

The insurance policy is an additional fee that is paid for by the Parents with a $100 deductible for each claim (within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico). The deductible is also the financial responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian. The insurance covers accidental damage from liquid spills, power surges, drops, falls, collisions, theft, vandalism, flood, fire, smoke, wind, and earthquake, as well as damage to batteries and ac adapters. Insurance does not cover negligence and abuse.

If an iPad is damaged by neglect or abuse, it is the family’s financial responsibility to replace the iPad at a price of approximately $500. If an iPad is damaged, the IT department will work with the student, Apple, and Safeware to determine if it is a warranty or insurance claim incident.

Personal iPad Care

Student Responsibilities:
1. Bring the iPad to classes everyday.
2. Adhere to South Kent School's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at all times. When in doubt, ask a member of the Faculty or Staff.
3. Back up your data via iTunes daily.
4. Report any problems, damage or theft immediately to a member of the IT department.
5. Be prepared each day with a fully charged battery.

General Care:
1. Do not do anything to the iPad that will permanently alter it in any way. Both physical and/or electronically (jail breaking)
2. Do not remove any serial numbers or identification placed on the iPad.
3. Keep the equipment clean. For example, do not eat or drink while using the iPad.
4. Please read and follow the iPad Care and Use Guide.

Screen Care:
Clean the screen with a soft, dry anti-static cloth or with a screen cleaner designed specifically for LCD type screens only. Items like this can be purchased in the South Kent School Bookstore.

I have read, understand, and agree to follow all responsibilities as outlined in the iPad User Agreement. By completing and signing the Community Handbook acknowledgement form you accept full responsibility for the iPad and accessories that have been distributed to you by South Kent School.  You also understand that the replacement cost for the iPad and accessories may be as much as $500.

For all students who are not returning to SKS in the fall, your SKS Google Accounts will be permanently deactivated in July.  Once your account is deactivated, all information - email, docs, etc. - will no longer be accessible.  Also, any services (Apple ID, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) that you have linked to your email address will need to be associated with a new email address. 

The guides below will show you how to transfer any data you wish to keep from your SKS Google account, as well how to assign a new email address to your existing Apple ID.