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As we approached November here at South Kent, things were pretty much the same everyday. To me, this was not such a bad thing because it made days go by fast and there was not a lot of confusion. But on November 3rd, that all changed.

We started a new schedule and I must admit, when I looked at it originally, I thought there was no way it would turn out well. The schedule had athletics in the morning and then classes in the afternoon, so I was thinking I would be too drained from practice to concentrate in class. This turned out to be false, though; on the first day of the new schedule, practice went great and surprisingly I was more attentive in my classes.

That same week I had another opportunity to experience something new with the Call to Service group. We went to a housing complex in Kent to help the elderly with their gardens and patios. I always enjoy helping people, but it brings me the most joy to see someone's smile when you simply rake up a few leaves for them.

With our first regular season game only days away, we have a lot to improve on as a team, but I have complete faith that we will improve and be ready to play on the 16th.

I am sure that the next couple of weeks are going to be tiring and pretty hectic, but I'm also sure we will get through them and make it to Thanksgiving Break. I plan to head back to North Carolina with a 4-0 record on the court, and A's in all my classes off the court. I'm looking forward to the challenge of the next couple weeks.

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