A Minor Setback; A Major Comeback

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As the long winter weekend comes to an end, I am starting to wonder about a lot of things: from my grade in Calculus class, to if we will be selected to play in nationals come March.

A couple weeks ago, I injured my knee in our game against Northfield, and since then, things have not been the same. I feel like there is a huge piece of me missing since I can not play the game I love right now. Sitting down and not being able to help my team win is one of the worst feelings ever and I'm hoping that I will not have to feel this way much longer. On a brighter note, in the classroom things have been great, I'm feeling confident that I will have all A's this marking period. 

The one thing that I have been having a problem with is all the snow. At first, the snow was great, but now I am ready to get back to warmer weather in North Carolina. I know I will never forget my one winter in Connecticut.

Overall, things are okay for me, but I'm just ready to get back on the court. March break is getting closer and closer which means the season is coming to an end. I'm hoping that I will be able to play for South Kent a few more times before I graduate.

I know that injuries are a part of sports that we can't control, but I'm hoping that this one is just a minor setback preparing me for a major comeback.

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