The Change of the Season

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As the year continues, a lot of things are changing, like the weather, the leaves, and the atmosphere on campus. Fall Family Weekend is coming soon and with perfect timing. I feel like us students are getting a little worn down with the daily schedule and we need a break. Fall Family Weekend is going to be very special for me because I am planning on taking my official visit to Old Dominion University over the break.

Old Dominion University is the university where I plan on continuing my education and athletic career after my time here at South Kent. With ODU being only an hour away from my hometown as it is my dad’s alma mater, I have been on campus several times. This weekend, I expect to get an even better feel for the school and also spend some time with the coaches and players.

Another thing that I am expecting to get out of this weekend is the opportunity to see my family. With ODU so close to home, they should be able to come up to see me. To me, this means a lot because I spent a lot of time with my family when I was home and have missed them greatly.

One of my personal goals while here at South Kent is experiencing new things and last Friday I had that opportunity. Two of my teammates and I went to the Merwinsville Hotel to be servers during their art show. I had never experienced anything like that before and I was kind of nervous, but when we arrived and got going, everything went great. It was fun talking to the people that came to the art show and it was shocking that some of them had actually read my blog. This is something that I would not have experienced if I was not here at South Kent and I am sure it is only the first of many new experiences I will have over the course of the year.

Change is often a good thing and with the change in weather comes the change in sports season. Basketball season is right around the corner and I cannot wait to start playing. I have very high hopes for us this season. We have been working very hard during the pre-season and I know it will pay off.

The past couple of months have been life changing for me in a good way and I am ready to continue my journey here at South Kent.

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