Cardinal Call: Will Steele '16

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For our first ever #CardinalCall interview, we talked with Will Steele '16 about his time at SKS including his position on the Selects Academy hockey team. Here's the conversation we had.

1. What has been your best experience at SKS so far?

Winning Regionals last year was incredible. Everyone worked as hard as they could to accomplish the main goal in sending our team to Nationals. Nothing feels better than accomplishing the goal you work so hard for.

2. What makes the Selects Academy program better than other hockey teams you have been a part of?

Being together all the time, whether being in school or being on the road really gives a different feeling when it translates to being on the ice. The chemistry between the team is noticeable immediately.

3. How important is the SKS Invitational Showcase to you being the only big event the Selects host?

I mean it's huge. Every game is a battle trying to fight for a spot at Nationals, so when we host a tournament like this, it's extremely important that each game we come out on top.

4. How do you feel your game has improved since joining the Selects?

Since we skate almost every day for 7 months, I feel way more comfortable on the ice. I've become faster, stronger, and all around better since my first day on campus.

5. Do you feel SKS has better prepared you for the future?

Yeah, definitely. It has taught me to be a better person in general. I have become more grown up in the past 3 years here than the previous 14 years at home.

6. What has been your favorite class/learning experience at the school?

I've learned so many life lessons at this school, but the most important one I think is being a better public speaker. That skill alone can take you far in life, and getting over a fear like that for me was incredibly important.


We thank Will for his candor and time and look forward to sitting down with more of our exceptional SKS students to get their take on what makes the South Kent experience just so special.

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