Cardinal Call: Qizheng Duan '16

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Qizheng Duan '16 is a talented sixth form artist who just recently won an award at the Kent Art Show. Read all about his win and the excellent performance by all SKS Students HERE. We sat down with Qizheng following his accomplishment and asked him about his life on the Hillside and what drove him to be the award-winning artist he is now.

What brought you all the way from Beijing to South Kent School?
My parents were planning on coming to the USA as immigrants so it seemed inevitable that I would be educated in America. When it came to South Kent in particular, one of my father's friends was familiar with the school and recommended it.

Were you an artist before you came to SKS?
I always liked art, but can't say I took it seriously back home. The classes were fun but not thought-provoking or inspiring.

What is unique about the art program at SKS?
Mrs. Moore makes me take art seriously. She gives us all so much freedom to explore the kinds of art that speak to us, something that inspires me to try new things and makes me care about the craft so much more.

What is your favorite art medium?
I love to sketch. I am ok with doing color as well, but I feel like I can get so much detail with just black and white. The art piece I won the show with was done this way.

What does winning the Kent Art Association student show mean to you?
It's just affirmation and confidence. I was in the show last year and lost, so to win during my final year at SKS makes me feel very happy. I feel like I have grown as an artist.

Do you plan on continuing art in college?
I plan on studying biology in college but not forgetting about art. It will always be something I cherish and take part in on some level. I have always wanted to try sculpture and have more practice with ceramics, so who knows?

Do you have a favorite artist?
Leonardo da Vinci for sure. Everything he did was smooth and clean. Not to mention it was so well-grounded in science, which is what I plan on studying in college. I appreciate what he did for the world and know that if his work was published at the time instead of being shunned for its ingenuity he would have advanced technology by decades.

We wholeheartedly thank Qizheng Duan for coming and talking to us prior to spring break and congratulate him on his KAA Show win. We wish him the best of luck in college with both biology and art, as he is sure to continue to excel in both.

To see all the pictures from the Kent Art Show, visit our Facebook page HERE.

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