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We sat down with Peter "Pete" Curry '17 for another #CardinalCall interview and asked him about his time at SKS including his knitting with teacher Emily Carreiro as part of the Call to Explore affinity group. Here is the conversation we had.



Tell us about your experiences with your activity of choice? How are these experiences or opportunities unique to SKS?

This year for Call to Explore I took knitting. I ended up making about 2 finished projects for knitting, while I'm still working on a few at the moment that I started quite a bit ago. This kind of experience is unique to SKS as far as a boys school goes and I feel like it shows how adventurous most of the boys are to different things in life.

How have the Affinity Groups affected you?

Affinity has been a blast since the day it started for me. I learned a life skill in call to explore, and now I'm off hiking and cold water swimming for call to adventure. It's extremely unique to a school's environment and really helps me keep interest in other academic areas. These teach us to explore new things, as well as appreciate service and the world around us.

What are your goals for the second half of the school year?

I really just want to work hard and get good grades. I hope to get better grades in the classes I struggle in and be a better student in the long run.

What has been the most difficult experience for you at SKS? How did you overcome it?

The hardest experience for me was my slow coming out as being gay. To be honest, it's not a big deal and never really has been and most people on campus should know by now. However, getting to this point of being comfortable with myself and around others who know about me was sort of spontaneous and unexpected. I expected to be hated or feared, even hurt, if anyone knew. It was actually quite the opposite. People treated and still do treat me like a regular person, and it doesn't make much of a difference to me or anyone really.

Has there been anything about SKS that is surprising to you or anything you thought you wouldn't like but ended up enjoying?

I thought I wouldn't like it here in general. Turns out this place is lovely. Go figure!

What is your favorite food in the dining hall?

My favorite meal is chicken nuggets. They should make that meal a lot more often.

We appreciate Pete's honesty and great insight into the comradarie and exciting opportunities found on the Hillside. We look forward to talking to more students about their individual experiences and we will see what we can do about getting the Chef to get chicken nuggets on the menu a bit more...

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