Cardinal Call: Nick Scott '17

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We talked with Nicholas "Nick" Scott for this #CardinalCall interview. He participates in a slew of SKS activities including AMG, Cross Country, Rowing, the Student Council, and the Tour Guide Program. Here is the conversation we had with the multi-faceted young man.

What made you pick South Kent School?

My family had wonderful opinions of the school. Both my Grandfather and my Uncle went to SKS so when it came time for me to pick a school it was a no-brainer.

Did you have concerns about boarding school?

Of course, everyone has a hard time leaving their family. But it's like I gained a whole new family when I got here, so the transition was alot easier than I thought it would be.

Was there anything surprising to you about SKS?

Coming from a rural town in Pennsylvania, I did have some experience on farms. I didn't expect to have the opportunity to work on sustainable agriculture in the CFI but was very happy to see those kinds of courses offered. You can't do farming like this at most schools.

What have the Affinity Groups been like for you?

Call to Service has been the most impactful. By visiting soup kitchens and seeing people who were struggling to make ends meet it made me want to give back to the community and be part of the solution.

How is your Hero's Journey progressing?

Well, my journey is still going. But I think that I have become more self-reliant and mature in the time I have been here and look forward to growing more.

What made you become a tour guide?

I like passing along my experience to other people. South Kent has done so much for me and I like telling others how special it is. The unique opportunities, the technology and the environment are all so great and I try to get that across as a tour guide.


We thank Nick for spending the time to come and talk with us and appreciate his honest review of SKS. We wish him luck for the rest of his time here and know that his already impressive Hero's Journey is sure to be even more outstanding as he gets closer to graduation.


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