Cardinal Call: Ford Stratton '17

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Stanford "Ford" Stratton '17 met with us to talk about his time on the Hillside and what makes SKS so special to him.

What brought you to SKS?

Both my grandfather and uncle attended, so after some struggling at my school back home in Virginia, my family suggested SKS. I didn't have an amazing opinion of the school on my own, but meeting Mr. Garcia in admissions changed my mind completely. It became somewhere I wanted to come, not just because of my family's legacy but because I could see my own happiness happening on the Hillside.

Do you feel more prepared for your future because of your time at SKS?

The school has helped me find my Hero's Path. I have been able to accomplish things I wanted to like working with the basketball team to video coordinate games and even make highlight tapes. (View one of the highlight tapes he made for the Prep Basketball team HERE.) I wasn't even interested in broadcasting before coming here but saw the Advanced Media Group (AMG) room and immediately was interested. It opened my eyes to new opportunities.

What makes the AMG group so exciting to you?

The AMG program is second to none, one of the best in high schools all over New England. Not only is it a trailblazing program that was one of the first of its kind but it continuously gets better equipment and stays ahead of the curve.

What is your favorite Affinity Group?

Call to Adventure is by far my favorite. Being outside so much with my friends, hiking, seeing the world, it is the best.

How has your Hero's Journey progressed?

I feel like I have grown a lot as a person here. I have been through a lot since arriving and become stronger, more independent and more confident.

What was the most surprising thing about SKS to you?

The top to bottom accessibility and caring. From the other students to the Head of School, everyone is available and helpful. My mother was sick and passed away in the past year but the school supported me through the entire trying time. People drove me to the airport every other weekend and that's the kind of thing you just don't get at just any school. I can't thank the whole community enough for that.


We thank Ford for talking with us and look forward to having him be a part of the SKS family for another year. His contributions to the community are amazing, and we can't wait to see more of his work as a sixth former. 

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