Cardinal Call: Derek Hamelin '16

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With the Selects Academy at South Kent School wrapping up their regular season and league playoffs with a big win in the USPHL tournament, we decided to sit down with U18 team captain Derek Hamelin and ask him about his season as well as his entire experience on the Hillside.


First things first. How was the USPHL tournament and what are your hopes for Nationals?

The USPHL playoffs were unbelievable. Our first game was against the Skipjacks Hockey Club who gave us a good battle. We knocked them out with a 5-4 win in OT. The next game was against the Islanders Hockey Club as we defeated them to advance to the title game against Team Comcast.

The final was tight as only two goals were scored. But when we heard the buzzer at the end, all we had to do at that point was celebrate. As everyone threw their gloves and sticks in the air, all that hard work and dedication paid off. It is unbelievable that our team went 25-0-1 and we're just getting started. I myself have won a National Championship my u14 year, but winning one with my new family would make it that much better! Let’s get it! Here we go big red!

What has been your best experience at SKS so far?

Though the USPHL championship was incredible, my best experience at SKS has been connecting with the other athletes on campus. The way the community was able to bond and become brothers is truly amazing.

What brought you to SKS in the first place?

I really appreciated how well the academics and athletics were connected. Even with our intense sports schedule we are able to still do our work and succeed in the classroom.

Do you feel SKS has better prepared you for the future?

Yes, I believe that SKS has prepared me for the future. With many of the guest speakers that come to SKS you learn how to become a man.

Tell us about your experiences with the unique Selects Academy program here at South Kent School.

Hockey at South Kent School is unbelievable. The boys are a huge connected family and we are having a tremendous year. This past weekend we really came in as a family and all contributed to win the USPHL Championship. Currently we are ranked 3rd in the country and we are patiently waiting to get an at large bid to Nationals in San Jose, CA. All of us want to achieve our goals and see our teammates succeed as well.

How have the Affinity Groups affected you?

In Call to Explore I took on knitting. I never thought I was going to be able to knit in my life, but Mrs. Carreiro helped me and taught me and I actually knit a scarf!

Call to Adventure is a great escape from everything. You get to explore nice places and see great views. It also helps you get out of your comfort zone with something crazy like a nice swim in the winter!

Call to Service is helpful to the South Kent community. We do the recycling and trash for every dorm and building on campus. Father Klots and his crew do a great job keeping us on task and keeping the hillside green! The call to serve never ends!

What are your goals for the rest of your school year when you return from break?

My goals is to enjoy my last year on the Hillside. I also want to get that at large bid to San Jose as it is my last year playing U18 hockey for Selects Academy At South Kent School. With winning the USPHL this past weekend it sure does help our chances!

If you could change anything about SKS what would it be?

I don't believe I would change anything. The community is great and we have a blast here at SKS.

What has been the most difficult experience for you at SKS?

The most difficult thing at SKS is always that last day of school. Saying good-bye to your brothers after you've spent so much quality time with them is hard. Especially if you don't know when you'll see them again. Staying in contact helps you overcome it and makes you appreciate it so much more the next time they come around.

Has there been anything about SKS that is surprising to you or anything you thought you wouldn't like but ended up enjoying?

What was interesting to me my first year was that you had to attend Chapel. But I've grown to like the Chapel and really find peace within it. It is a quiet place where you can be left alone with your thoughts and faith. That's a special place for alot of us.


We thank Derek for taking the time to answer more questions than any SKS student so far and hope that he gets his wish to represent South Kent in the National Tournament in San Jose. The annoucement is expected sometime this week.

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