Cardinal Call: Chris Garbe '17

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We recently sat down with Chris Garbe, a young man who has done what so few are able to and commited to a prestigious Ivy League school! On top of his abilities in the classroom, Chris is also an excellent hockey player on the U16N team who has battled through tough injuries to constantly improve his game.

What brought you to the Hillside?
While I wanted to play hockey from the getgo, the environment is what made me want to attend SKS. It's just one big tight-knit family here.

Congrats on your commitment to Brown! What made you pick that school?
On top of the obvious Ivy League name that speaks for itself, Brown had great facilities, friendly coaches and the perfect balance of athletics and academics. On top of the D1 hockey, Brown offered a fairly open curriculum that appealed to me since I am still juggling a few options for my major like business, engineering and pre-med. I know whichever I choose, Brown will be strong in.

How have the affinity groups been for you?
They are such a unique part of the SKS experience. I get to learn things I wouldn’t at home or in a public school. Knitting has been a highlight. It’s such a nice way to relax and take the stress away from the day.

What makes the hockey program incredible in your opinion?
We have so many more opportunities than the traditional CT Prep School teams. More time on the ice equals more success, and we have that from tons of practice time to an almost-year round game schedule. If I ever have a free period during the day I can go down to the rink and skate around. That kind of accessibility is rare.

Tell us about your injury this season and how you have been faring.
Well, during a game earlier in the season I was hit into the boards. It seemed like a benign play, I even kept on skating and scored on that very same shift! But pretty soon I was having trouble breathing and talked to the trainer. It turns out I had a fractured rib and punctured lung. Luckily, it happened in such a way that didn’t need surgery, just rest. After nearly 5 weeks off I finally got back on the ice for a game and was thrilled to be back.

Chris Garbe is an outstanding example of a student who excels both on and off the ice. We look forward to having him on the Hillside for one more year then following his progress at Brown!

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