Aaron Carver '15: A New Home

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Driving up to Connecticut with my family was great; however, as we got closer I was beginning to get nervous. When I arrived at South Kent, I was greeted by Coach Jefferson and his optimism made my nervousness cool down a little. After I registered and began to put my things in my room, I began to get a little anxious, but I still don't think I really realized the enormity of what I was jumping into.

As the first week of school began I was very optimistic. The first few days we only went to class for 30 minutes each, but I still got the sense that I would have a good year academically. At this point I was still not fully aware that I was ten hours away from home and would be away from my family for three months.

On the first Friday, we had basketball conditioning after school and I didn't know what to expect. What I got was a very tough conditioning workout and quite honestly, I was beginning to wonder if this was for me, if I could do this. I was feeling alone and in many ways I just wanted to go home. I received great advice from my friends and family and I began to realize how much being at South Kent will help me in the long run.

Over the first two weeks, something that really surprised me is how nice and friendly the people are on campus. I was shocked that most of the teachers knew my name. Walking around campus and people greeting you with a smile would make anyone feel great, but it personally made me feel like I was wanted and it continues to help me get over my homesickness.

One of the highlights of the first few weeks has been learning the first fourteen lines of the prologue to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (which I knew nothing about coming into the year). It was a challenge learning the lines, but after completing the task, I felt a sense of accomplishment. Another highlight during my first few weeks was attending the scholarship dinner for the basketball team. A quote from Coach [Tom] Brennan stuck with me. He said, "Every day, try to do one thing to make yourself proud." That quote will be my motto every day here at South Kent and throughout my life.

Athletically, I can honestly say I'm becoming a better player and we have a pretty good team this year. I can't wait to start the season. I am still having my ups and downs here at South Kent, but with all the positive vibes on campus, it's very easy to fall in love with this place. I know I will soon be proud to call South Kent my home away from home.

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