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Leadership is ingrained in the School’s Mission and Trinity of Values. It is more than just a career skill; it’s a trait that will impact the everyday lives of each student at South Kent School. Our student experience allows for opportunities well beyond the classroom walls that will enhance self-confidence and collaboration in every student. We develop these traits as a whole community looking for a sense of purpose and belonging.

Some examples of leadership opportunities at South Kent School include:

Prefects: The student body is led by the Prefects. The prefects serve as role models for the entire student body, in addition to supervising specific aspects of the school including the dining hall, assembly, chapel, and other responsibilities.

Resident Mentors: Trained fifth-and sixth-formers can show their leadership skills as resident mentors. Resident Mentors are role models and have the specific goal of fostering a sense of community within the residence house to make them an inclusive place for all students. Resident Mentors will form genuine relationships with their peers in the residence house through the completion of “Getting to Know Me” interviews. In addition, the Resident Mentors will help with the evening check-in process, room inspections, and supervision of residence house chores.

Peer Counselors: Working under the direction of the Director of Peer Counseling, students who have applied and been trained as peer counselors will serve as social emotional sounding boards for their peers. The goal of the peer counseling program is to provide the student body with peers who are trained listeners and expert resource identifiers for students who may need emotional or academic support. These peer counselors will have weekly check-ins with students who they are working with, in addition to having weekly check-ins of their own with the Co-Directors of Peer Counseling.

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