For many parents, especially if your son is away for the first time, and even though you know he’s in good hands, it can be tough not having him in the house like before. Your participation is critical to the boys' development and we involve you as much as possible. Many of our parents stay involved in campus activities through our Parent’s Committee.

South Kent School's Commitment to Community

Please familiarize yourself with the below info as it will be helpful along your family's journey with SKS. This page will update throughout the year with information such as the next year's calendar, registration and summer reading lists.

Parent Resources

Information & Letters 

2020-2021 Calendar

Due to COVID-19, dates for the opening of school, breaks, and other important events are still under consideration. As soon as we have set dates for our calendar, we will email that information, along with updates regarding our planning and preparation for the start of the school year, to all families along with uploading it here. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Student Success Office at 860-927-3539 x200 or [email protected]