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Prefects Announced for 2017-2018 Academic Year

After declaring their intentions and participating in the official Prefect Town Hall, the 2017-2018 South Kent School prefects have been chosen.

Head of School Andrew Vadnais received the results from an electronic vote, and with consideration of the student and faculty ballot, made the final decision, which was announced to the School in a Prefect Tapping Ceremony on Tuesday, May 23.

The student body waited in anticipation as current prefects Max O'Herlihy, Nicholas Scott, Kyle Cafeo, David Cheng, and Peter Curry, walked into the crowd and brought the new prefects up to the prefect table.

The prefects for the 2017-2017 school year will be Shiqi Hu, Matthew Stephan, Faisal Al-Mutawa, and Jake Veilleux. 

The Head Prefect will be announced at the start of the upcoming school year.

The selection process began with candidates declaring their intentions to the community by stepping up to the prefect table and knocking twice. Subsequently, an all-school Prefect Town Hall was held and broadcast by the School’s Advanced Media Group. There, each candidate presented himself and demonstrated his qualifications for receiving the position of prefect.

Being a prefect is a great honor and responsibility and we at South Kent are proud of the four prefects as well as all of the candidates. We are inspired by your humble leadership qualities and look forward to next year.

In closing, with the new prefects standing in front and the current prefects standing behind, the new prefects led a room full of their peers in the school prayer for the first time.

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