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Excellence in Music: Student Benefit Concert

During Fall Family Weekend the SKS community gathered in St. Michael's Chapel to experience phenomenal musical performances by South Kent students. The concert was held to highlight the extraordinary talent of our students and how important it is to raise money for the Theater Renovation Project.

Pirates of the Caribbean • K. Badelt
Oliver Widiasana • Piano

The Waltz • J. Brahms
Skylar Johnson • Viola

The Swan • C. Saint-Saëns
Chongxian Zhao • Cello

Dinkey Doodle • W. Kroll
Hansang Rhee • Violin

Etude op. 72. No.2 in Gm. • M. Moszkowski
Yunhai Zhao • Piano

Tu che di gel sei cinta Aria from the opera Turandot • G. Puccini

Ms. Zamek
Ms. Bendokas
Mr. Deming
Dr. Lee


Theater Renovation Project
This project kicked of last month but has already raised a good amount of funds for a such short time. We look forward to receiving your support!

We would like to give thanks to our Student Benefit Concert donors:

Theater Renovation Project Committee
Mr. Chavka • Mr. Carlson • Mr. Farley • Mr. Garcia • Ms. Haverstock • Mr. Javery • Mr. Lampe • Dr. Lee Ms. Moore • Mr. Novak • Dr. Sid • Ms. Worthington

Student Music Council
Sang Hyun Han • Sang Hyun Kim • Shuyang Liu Wentao Lu • Kun Hyeon Park • Oliver Widiasana

And special thanks to the many anonymous donors from the Parent Associations in Korea and China for their generous donations to the project.

For more information about this project and to support it, please contact Dr. Lee at lees [at]

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