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2016-2017 Prefect Selection

The selection process for naming the 2016-‘17 South Kent School prefects began on Wednesday May 4, 2016. The candidates declared their intentions to the community by stepping up to the prefect table and knocking twice, symbolizing their commitment.

At South Kent School, the prefect system is an essential and time-honored tradition, as is the selection process. These rising Sixth Form students are taking the next step in their Hero's Journey.

The following is the final list of candidates:       


Years at SKS


Kyle Cafeo3Wrentham, MA
David Cheng2Hong Kong
Peter Curry3Pawling, NY
Hansen Ding3Beijing, China
Chris Garbe1Miller Place, NY
Zehong Liu2Beijing, China
Max O'Herilhy2Parsippany, NJ
Kun Hyeon Park3Giheung-gu, South Korea
Nick Scott2Ocean Grove, NJ
Zhaoyuan Shu2Beijing, China
Gunnar Stadem2Wasilla, AK
Lucas Vanroboys3Thamesville, Ontario Canada

The all-school Prefect Town Hall was held with all the prospective prefects on Monday, May 16th at 8:00 p.m in the Assembly Hall. The Town Hall gave each boy an opportunity to formally present himself to the community and answer questions. One by one, they got up in front of their audience, microphone in hand, and discussed why they should be a prefect. Some boys, like Max O'Herilhy, talked about their role in the brotherhood on campus and how that made them a strong candidate. Others, like Chris Garbe, brought up ways to improve the school next year. He mentioned a month-long mission to have the boys from all over the world have their cultures better understood by not just sharing information about each other's flags, but enjoying food and aspects of their homeland with their classmates. Another popular method of addressing the classmates was used by Kun Hyeon Park. He told the story of how he arrived on the Hillside, his growth during his time here, and his goal of strengthening the already strong community by working together. David Cheng discussed the support systems at the school that have made him a better person and how he plans on being a supporter of anyone who needs his aid in the future. There were some lighthearted comments between all the serious talk as well, like the promise by Gunnar Stadem to not only, "Bring back pizza and wings on Friday, but make South Kent better than it has ever been!"

Current Prefects Leading the Town Hall Event

Though each boy had a slightly different approach, the same strong words permeated each and every speech. "Togetherness." "Community." "Leadership." and of course, "Brotherhood." The core values of SKS were on full display during the town hall, which was no surprise. The prefects are, after all, the most prominent representatives of the student body on the Hillside. After a night of interesting conversations from a diverse group of boys, voting was opened up to all. And though we may not know who will be part of the prefect group next year yet, the Town Hall was proof positive that the school will once again be in good hands.

To see photos from the event, visit our Facebook page HERE.

To watch a full video recording of the event, visit our Cube page HERE.

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