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Winter Sports Awards 2017 Part 1

The Winter Sports Awards honor a collection of teams that include all of our hockey and basketball teams. This year's awards ceremonies have been split with JV Basketball, Varsity Basketball and Cradinal Hockey teams being being honored on Thursday, March 2, 2017. The other Winter teams will be honored after the students get back from March break after the teams have finished their seasons.

This season's winners are:

Varsity Basketball

  • Chongxian Zhao - Most Improved Player
  • Henry Belt - Most Valuable Player
  • Yudai Suzuki - Coaches Award 


JV Basketball

  • Chongxian Zhao - Team Commitment Award
  • Hansen Ding - Team Commitment Award
  • Christian Avila - Most Valuable Player


Cardinal Hockey

  • Faisal Al Mutawa - Most Improved Player
  • Jack Revenaugh -  Coaches Award
  • Clay Hoadley - Most Valuable Player

To see all the pictures from this event, visit our Facebook page HERE.

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