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Galileo Found Guilty in 2017 Trial

The annual trial of Galileo Galilei modeled after the Roman Inquisition of 1633 occurred in the common area of Gilder dormitory on the morning of February 17, 2016. The boys gathered as they have since the creation of the Form Programs in 1999 to try Galileo for heresy for his heliocentric views in a time where the geocentric universe was not only the norm, but enforced by religion. The students dressed up in costumes they made themselves for the various roles, to bring the play to life including the Pope, Copernicus and of course Galileo himself.

The event was broadcast live by South Kent School’s AMG group who worked hard to bring multiple camera angles and timely, suspense building zoom-ins on the most intense moments. If you missed seeing it live it is still available to view after the event HERE. A Facebook album with all the photos is available for viewing HERE.

After over 3 hours of fiery deliberation, and even a surprise witness from they distant future, the year 2017, the judges emerged from the side room they entered for privacy and passed down a guilty verdict for Galileo. They decided that the way he established and spread his view of a heliocentric universe was at odds with the church and a crime worthy of life imprisonment. This is the second year in a row in which the great astronomer has been found guilty of heresy, though last year his punishment was beheading, with him being declared innocent in the preceding three years.

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