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Fourth Form Presents Galileo Trial for 19th Year

The Fourth Form at South Kent School presented a lively mock trial on Friday, February 2, 2018, of Galileo Galilei, a polymath who was tried for heresy because of his heliocentric view of the solar system. Students were split up into the defense and prosecution with lawyers and historical witnesses, along with the production team, who covered video reporting as well as set, prop, and costume design. Four students also served as judges. The Class of 2020 impressed peers and guests, along with those watching it live, with their full-scale production in Gilder Dormitory.

After much in-depth research to construct arguments and learn characters, the opposing sides were ready. The courtroom was complete with organized tables, personally curated and created costumes, models of the solar system, handmade old-fashioned journals, and more. Real people in history were portrayed like Pope Urban VIII, Cosimo Medici, Sister Maria Celeste, and Father Ricciardi.

This hands-on project is one of the preeminent events of the Fourth Form year and is a favorite among the students. It has become a tradition over the 19 years in which it has taken place. The 2018 trial included intense cross-examinations, heated objections, and even the arrest of a witness for perjury. In the end, after being found guilty in the two previous years, Galileo’s defense team broke the trend and he was set free as an innocent man.

Watch the video from South Kent’s Advanced Media Group and clip your favorite parts here. View the photos online here.

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