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CFI Field Trip to Metrocrops

To close out the Fall CFI term, students from three different CFI classes went on a field trip to Metrocrops, LLC, located in Bridgeport, CT.   The day combined important concepts from all of the CFI programming, but most specifically Entrepreneurship, Architecture and Watershed Management/ Hydroponics.

The president and founder of the company, Mr. Steve Domyan, gave South Kent School students the tour of the facility.  An experienced businessman and environmentalist, he explained to the students how his understanding of business, engineering, community collaboration, and federal support allowed him to grow a thriving business that was much needed in his town. He not only helped to provide jobs to Bridgeport residents but gave them the opportunity to grow fresh local produce in a sustainable hydroponic system.  Students dressed in protective clothing to enter a growing environment and were given the opportunity to tour the growing room to see the hydroponic design and significant amount of equipment used to monitor it.  Mr. Domyan discussed the complex experimental designs he has set up and run on his system since his company began.  He described how his data shows growth trends and help him make decisions on crop management.  He also explained how his understanding of calculus helped him to know when efficiency is optimal for light and nutrients to the system. 

Mr. Domyan and his partners researched, designed and built the hydroponic system inside a former manufacturing building in Bridgeport.  It was a great experience for the students to see how a group with environmental responsibility, innovative ideas and hard work was able to build a sustainable company for the benefit of an entire city. We couldn't think of a more perfect trip to culminate the fall term for the ever-growing CFI program.

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