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Author Talk: Matthew Winkler

South Kent School invites you join us.

Author and former SKS faculty member Matthew Winkler will be on campus, Tuesday, May 16th, 7:30-8:30pm in the Assembly Hall, to talk to students, faculty and guests about his book Mentoring Teenage Heroes.

Mentoring Teenage Heroes is written for parents, teachers, coaches, and other ex-adolescents who now guide today’s teenagers along the heroic journey from childhood to adulthood — a rite of passage as old as the ancient myths that metaphorically describe it. Those myths echo through contemporary books and movies and the real-world experience of growing up. For most adults, daily life is a routine grind. For teenagers, it’s an epic struggle for identity.

Author Talk:
Matthew Winkler
Mentoring Teenage Heroes

May 16th


Assembly Hall

Admission: FREE •  Light refreshments will be available.

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