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2017-2018 Prefect Declarations

2017-2018 Prefect Selection Begins with Declarations

The selection process for naming the 2017-2018 South Kent School prefects began on Wednesday May 3, 2017. The candidates declared their intentions to the community by stepping up to the prefect table and knocking twice, symbolizing their commitment.

At South Kent School, the prefect system is an essential and time-honored tradition, as is the selection process. These rising Sixth Form students are taking the next step in their Hero's Journey.

The following is the final list of candidates:      

NameYears at South Kent SchoolFrom
Faisal Al-Mutawa2Surra, Kuwait
Yufei He2Beijing, China
Clay Hoadley3South Kent, Connecticut
Shiqi Hu3Shanghai, China
Shuyang Liu3Shanghai, China
Matthew Stephan3Ridge, New York
Yipei Tang2Wuhan, China
Jake Veilleux2South Windsor, Connecticut

The all-school Prefect Town Hall will be held Thursday, May 11th at 8:00 p.m in the Assembly Hall. The Town Hall allows each potential prefect an opportunity to formally present himself to the community and answer questions. This annual event allows candidates to demonstrate their qualifications for receiving a prefect position. Stay tuned to our website and social media to see pictures and video from the event!

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