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2015-2016: A Year in Review

The 2015-2016 school year at South Kent School was another example of excellence in many forms. The boys embraced the brotherhood of the Hillside and grew closer as a community with each passing day until the tearful embraces and goodbyes of Prize Day. The growth that was exhibited from Day One until the last was noticeable in each and every boy, whether it was their first year or their final. The school year started with a diverse group of 180 boys from 22 different countries who all came together and became a family.

The first semester for the boys included some big events, like the annual Chaucer Recital, the 92nd Birthday of the school on Founder’s Day and the completion of the CFI expansion in the library that gave the boys far more opportunities in technology and innovation based learning. Grandparents’ and Special Persons’ Day took place in the fall as well, as the school welcomed new friends and familiar faces to the Hillside to accompany the boys they love. The Harvest Moon Auction, a night of great fundraising and fun for the school, was soon after. There were some great field trips as well, like the CFI trip to Massachusetts to see real life timber framing in action and the science students heading to Connecticut’s own Dinosaur State Park. As October reached its close, the boys in our Call to Explore affinity group took to the streets of Kent dressed as zombies to perform their annual rendition of Michael Jackson's famous "Thriller" music video. The fall also was a great time for athletics on the Hillside, as Prep Soccer won the National Title on the back of an undefeated season and the hockey programs started their long seasons strong.

Head Prefect Zach Schullery picking an underformer to recite Chaucer during this year's challenge

As the cold air started to creep across the mountains and snow began to fall at SKS, the community remained active. Just before the Thanksgiving break the music students were awarded for their hard work and put on a recital for the school. The next month, closer to the holidays, the boys performed in the annual Nativity Play, something that has been going on since nearly the inception of the school. After that special day, the boys went home for Winter Break.

They returned rested and took part in another great academic tradition, the Galileo Trial. For the first time in many years, the brilliant astronomer was found guilty! Other academic endeavors blossomed throughout the year, like our Near Space Balloon Launch, Fourth Form Bridge Competition and the local Kent Art Show that some of our most talented boys entered and won awards in. Around this same time, the hockey seasons ended, culminating in a berth to the National Tournament in San Jose that fell just short of the title. The Prep Basketball team also made it to the National Tournament, and although they lost in the quarterfinals, it was a proud end to a yet another strong season.

Making some final adjustments before the Fourth Form Bridge Competition

The Spring Semester was the final sprint to the finish, and it was chock full of both academic and athletic success. The tennis, golf, crew and baseball teams all had great seasons. The golf team took part in the first annual Western New England Prep Golf Invitational, where they took home the best score of the day! The Lacrosse team also had an impressive season topped off with the HVAL Championship. Off the field, the boys reached new academic heights at the SKS Fair, where they displayed their innovative ideas for the staff and each other to see. The school welcomed Czech Exchange students to the Hillside and showed them the brotherhood of the community and local places, even New York City. There were some last minute field trips for the boys to places like the Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park, New Bedford Whaling Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and even a Call to Adventure expedition to Colorado and Utah. In the final few weeks of school, while the boys were taking exams, the prefects for next year were chosen. With the new leadership in place for next year and finals finishing up, everything was ready for Prize Day. The last week for the boys consisted of award ceremonies and goodbyes that culminated with Prize Day itself, where the graduating seniors gathered one last time in the chapel and received their diplomas.

The 2015-2016 school year at SKS was fantastic for so many reasons. New ideas and innovative academic experiences were born in the updated programming and facilities of the CFI while the perennial success of the all academics continued to thrive alongside it. Athletic teams proved themselves as National forces once again and at the end of the day, the true brotherhood and togetherness of the campus and community were on full display. We couldn’t be prouder of the boys, faculty, family and friends who contributed in so many ways to the Hillside and made its 92nd year yet another one to remember.

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