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2012 Underform Award Winners

Congratulations to all the Underform award winners.

Please enjoy a slide show of the award ceremony at the bottom of the page.

Harvard Book Prize
Jake Cho
Little Billy Cup
Cody Champagne
Fifth Form
5th Form Cup
Anthony Florentino
Fourth Form
Fourth Form Cup
William Hoadley
Leadership in the Fourth Form
Chase Priskie
Unsung Hero of the Fourth Form
Samuel Lartey
Service to the Community in the Fourth Form
Shihao "Terry" Hu
Ambassador to the Community of the Fourth Form
Chao "Jack" Huang
Most Improved Student of the Fourth Form
Stephan Bossio
Yuhao Liu
Third Form
Third Form Cup
Grayson Makris
Directness of Purpose in the Third Form
Cameron Gardner
Simplicity of Life in the Third Form
Yu Wu
Self-Reliance in the Third Form
Tyler Hoadley
Most Improved Student of the Third Form
Jinwei Wang
Spanish 1
Cam Gardner
Zhen Lin
Spanish 1, Most Improved
Tristan Elliott
Spanish 2
Patrick Pedraja
Latin 1
Shihao "Terry" Hu
Latin 2
Samuel Lartey
William Hoadley
Latin 3
Richard O'Shaughnessy
Latin 4
Cameron Loomis
Tyler Hoadley
Pedro Irigaray
Best Algebra II
Samuel Lartey
Bohan Chen
Zixiang Tang
Introduction to Calculus
Shihao Hu
Math Department Most Improved Student
Weijia Ren
AP Calculus
Lei Yang
AP US History Student
TJ Hughes
AP US History, Most Improved
Miikka Majava
US History, Most Improved
Gehrig Deaver
Justin Corday
History 2
Corey Greenberg
Third Form History
Pedro Ostolaza
Advanced English 3
Jake Cho
English 3, Most Improved
Anil Ozer
English 2
Taylor Leger
Anatomy & Physiology
Nick Iafrate
Jason Salvagio
AP Psychcology
Anil Ozer
Anthony Florentino
Fifth Form Chemistry
Miikka Majava
Fourth Form Chemistry
Bohan Chen
Computer Science
Yunhao Qiao
Applied Technology
Applied Technology 2
Bohan Chen
Applied Technology 1
Zixiang "Shawn" Tang
English Learning Language
Stephane Bossio
Ignacio Baeza
Miguel Angel Santa
Zixiang "Shawn" Tang
Yunhao Qiao
Art Award
David Lee
Most Improved Student in Art
TJ Hughes
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