Working in Sync: How Eleven Dartmouth Athletes Propelled Their College Sports Experience into Professional Excellence

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Whit Mitchell '72
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Professional success comes through team effort.
Finding success in organizations and life is not a solo effort. It's created through working together, working in sync with colleagues, clients, and valued friends or family members. Through this reciprocity, small ideas grow into big plans, local efforts have a global impact, and productive managers become great leaders. When you have the tools to generate the combined effort of your team in a unified direction, you develop the power of leading without a title and getting greater results through coordinated efforts.

Working in Sync tells the stories of eleven highly successful professionals who learned the principles of connection and teamwork on the Dartmouth class of '86 crew under coach Whit Mitchell--Malcom McIver, Hans Stander, Garth Mark, Scott Sandell, Wolf-Dietrich Weber, Mike Rich, Sam Kinney, Charlie Peterson, Sam Hartwell, Dan Kollmorgen, and Mark Proctor. After a twenty-five year team reunion, Whit wanted to find out the secret to their professional success. He conducted months of one-on-one interviews, uncovering outstanding insights on excellence in life and business.

These interviews produced staggering results. Whit discovered that each of his former rowers had found professional success at a high level. They had each taken very different routes along the way, but they had all been able the reach the height of professional excellence in their various fields. Each rower also credited his success to the basic skills and principles gleaned from his time on Whit's crew. Whit Mitchell immediately saw the connection to be made with his own executive coaching clients to find their own measure of professional success.

Now, using the same lessons that propelled these rowers, Whit Mitchell has created Working in Sync to share them with you.

Read the inspiring stories of these eleven outstanding individuals and discover:
-- A new definition for professional success and how to achieve it regardless of background or position in a company. By redefining success, you will be able to tailor it to your position and propel yourself even further.
-- The principle of reciprocity and why it's crucial to organizational success. Developing relationships built on reciprocal trusts give your organization the ability to move forward immediately.
-- Lessons learned in college athletics and how to implement them at work and home for greater results. Sports provide many parallels to life and business. The lessons of team sports translate to professional success.
-- Skills any individual can put into practice with simple collaboration.
-- Strategies for increasing engagement within a group. More interaction and communication enables the group to begin working in sync to greater degrees.
-- Insights on becoming a more effective leader, mentor, spouse, and parent.
-- Advice to begin your journey toward a more balanced, engaged, and in sync life.

Read the book. Find excellence now.

Working in Sync is a North American Book Awards winner and an Idaho Author Awards winner.

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