The Beowulf Trilogy

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Christopher L. Webber, SKS '49
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The first work of literature in the English language ends with a question:  “What will happen now?”  With Beowulf’s death, his people would be unprotected.  What will happen now?  For over a thousand years that question went unanswered.  Six years ago, I published Beyond Beowulf and that question was answered.  Wiglaf, Beowulf’s young companion in the fight against the dragon became the new leader and helped the tribe find a new home in spite of storms and trolls and a Saxon army.  But the question was answered from a warrior’s viewpoint.  Wasn’t there a need for a broader perspective?  What about Wiglaf’s wife and family?

Now the publication of The Beowulf Trilogy provides the complete picture.  Here we have the text of Beowulf provided in a new alliterated translation.  Here we have the missing larger perspective in Yrfa’s Tale.

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