South Kent School is the Most Technologically Advanced Prep School in the Country

Leadership in the evolving global economy requires the ability to recognize and adapt to change and the flexibility to adopt new technologies.

South Kent is the pioneer in the adoption of digital classroom technology and is sought after by other top schools for information on best practices in educational technology.

South Kent School launched its iPad program in the spring of 2010 and achieved full deployment in the 2011-2012 academic year. The school currently boasts a 99% digital curriculum adoption across all grade levels, the highest in the nation.

The School's  has also been recognized by media outlets around the country and in national publications including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. South Kent was also recognized locally by the Chronogram for its adoption of educational technology.

Additionally, the School has relationships with top eTextbook providers. That, combined with a robust campus-wide WiFi network and smart boards in all campus classrooms, ensures that our students have unmatched capabilities in research, interactive learning, and connectivity in and out of the classroom.

Network Resources

Please use the links below to gain access to useful resources for the school network.

iPad Program

South Kent School is pleased to continue its commitment to embracing Apple’s iPad as a learning tool. This is just another example of the school’s willingness to adopt cutting edge technology to enhance its rapidly evolving new curriculum.

The iPad has been selected as the most appropriate device for South Kent.  Its compact design, long battery life, ease of use and functionality make it the perfect tool moving forward into the digital education landscape.

Every student at South Kent School will be required to bring their own Apple iPad to campus. The minimum requirement is an Apple iPad mini 2 running iOS 10 or later.  Students should arrive on registration day with their iPads, where our Technology Department will aid in connecting them to the campus network. We will also provide assistance with downloading the necessary applications and textbooks.  Should a student not bring an iPad to campus, one will be provided to them and billed to their student account. 

South Kent School recognizes that today's students learn and engage in education differently than students of the past. Research has demonstrated that students learn best when they are actively engaged in their work and technology helps facilitate that engagement.

Students will use their iPad:
  • as an organizational tool to track assignments, homework and class projects
  • to access the internet to research information needed for class projects
  • to create on-line presentations
  • to word process class papers and projects
  • to run a variety of applications to enhance their learning experience in class
  • to read electronic books, tests, newspapers and magazines