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2019 Underform Award Winners

May 24th, 2019

Congratulations to the Underform Award Winners and the entire underform for the academic year of 2018-2019. You all had a wonderful academic year worthy of appreciation. We wish you all an enjoyable, safe summer and look forward to seeing you back on the Hillside in the fall!

Form Cups

Fourth Form Cup

Caleb Ockman

Fifth Form Cup

William Rinaldi

Third Form Cup

Paolo Mangiafico

Third Form Core

Top Student in English I

Paolo Mangiafico

Simplicity of Life Award

Copeland Fricker

Self-Reliance Award

Adrian Trott

Herodotus Father of History Award

Zachary Bye

Directness of Purpose Award

Zhouxingyu Yan

Fourth Form Core

Most Improved Student in the Fourth Form

James Kurrle, John Dalton

Top Student in History II 

Matthew Pointer

Top Student in English II

Caleb Ockman

Fifth Form Core

Most Improved Student in English III

Yuelin Lao

Most Dedicated Student in United States History

John Gleason

Harvard Book Award

Luke Stevens

Bipartisanship and Civil Political Discourse Award

Luke Stevens

Top Student in English III

William Rinaldi


Top Student in Geometry

Zachary Bye

Top Student in Algebra I

Brandon Frank

Top Student in Algebra II

Gilbert Lauridsen, Matthew Pointer

Top Student in Precalculus

Kevin Scott, Jinghao He

Top Student in Introduction to Calculus

Tyler Silverstein

Top Student in SUPA Calculus I

Tyler Silverstein, Hassane Diakho


Top Student in Biology

Eli Barnett

Top Student in Physical Science

James Kurrle, Brock Massie

Top Student in Advanced Environmental Science

Chad Schneider

Charismatic Megafauna Award

Hank McDonough, Justin Gordon

Future Naturalist Award

Philip Valletta

Top Fourth Form Chemistry Student

Matthew Pointer

Top Fifth Form Chemistry Student

William Rinaldi

Most Improved Fourth Form Chemistry Student

Mingjie Chen

Most Improved Fifth Form Chemistry Student

Yujie Miao

Art and Music

Top Student in Art

Ze Meng

3rd Form Excellence in Music Award

Ze Meng

4th Form Excellence in Music Award

Jinghao He, Joshua Bolma, Mohammed Seidu

5th Form Excellence in Music Award

Hassane Diakho

Call to Service

Little Billy Cup

Hank McDonough, Lucas D’Alessio

Call to Service All-Stars

Hassane Diakho, Maxwell Sun, Luke Stevens, William Rinaldi, Tom Barbati, Ryan Miknich

Call to Explore

Most Outstanding Photographer in Call to Explore

Amin El Amrani


Top Student in Spanish 1

Kevin Scott

Top Student in Spanish 2

Sawyer Beyer

Top Student Spanish 3

Lucas D’Alessio

Top Student in Spanish 4

Ryan Miknich

Top Student in Language Lab

William Rinaldi


CFI Excellence Award

Cooper Andrews, Adrian Trott, Chongzhe Jin, Patrick Farley, Junsuk Yang, Tyler Silverstein, William Rinaldi, Yiwen Yin


AMG Award

Lucas D’Alessio, Yeskendir Dauren, Ziyu Lin

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