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South Kent School Kicks Off 96th Year

September 5th, 2019

South Kent School has opened for its 96th year with 165 students from 22 countries and 21 American states. Families were welcomed to the Hillside on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 for Registration Day. Opening events included move-in, parent and student orientation, assembly with Head of School Lawrence Smith '73, form games and activities, dorm meetings and more.

“Today marks the start of South Kent School’s 96th year of educating boys. South Kent’s first headmaster, Samuel S. Bartlett, established the School on three fundamental principles: Simplicity of Life, Self-Reliance, and Directness of Purpose.” Head of School Lawrence A. Smith ’73 said. “Today, we continue to strive to have these three important principles inform our lives and our work. We welcome our returning students back from the summer break, and we embrace those new students who are joining our school family this year for the first time. South Kent is a boys’ school that values community and respect. We are small by design, guided by our principles and mission, and a community where no boy is overlooked or forgotten.”

South Kent School’s Mission:

South Kent School prepares young men to succeed in college and thrive as thoughtful and engaged citizens in a rapidly changing and intensely competitive world.

It is sure to be a momentous year at South Kent, with many new initiatives helping the school move ahead while staying dedicated to our mission. The School has adopted a new schedule that includes optimal time for academic enrichment, meets the needs of our very active students, and allows a deeper connection to the community. Our new Thrive Curriculum has been crafted to help guide young men through social and emotional learning, taking into account what is best and appropriate for students at each level, from third formers right up on through sixth formers and post graduates. Also enhancing the SKS student experience is our Engage Curriculum, which broadens our students’ horizons with project-based learning directed at topics such as the effects of climate change and social justice. These updates, along with our jobs program and the life lessons taught through Episcopal services at St. Michael’s Chapel, are just some of the aspects that make up the rigorous, meaningful, and unique experience of South Kent.

Head of School Smith added: “Having grown up, been a student, started my career, and served on the Board of Trustees here, before assuming my current position, South Kent School is my home in all ways. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to return to my roots as Head of School, and to live again among South Kent’s exceptional students, family, faculty, and staff, working together to shape the bright futures of our students and the School.”

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