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First Name:William
Last Name:Barton
Title:Head Coach Prep Basketball
First Name:Patrick
Last Name:Beer
Title:Third Form Dean - Mindfulness and Yoga Program
First Name:Kevin
Last Name:Benz
Title:Fifth Form - US History Teacher - Assistant Rowing Coach
First Name:Mark
Last Name:Berghold
Title:Teaching Faculty, Humanities, Pre-Engineering, CFI, Innovation & Sustainable Design Program Coordinator
First Name:Anne
Last Name:Bisenius
Title:Admissions Associate
First Name:Maggie
Last Name:Boals
Title:International Student Coordinator/ALC Instructor
First Name:Patrick
Last Name:Bonis
Title:Affinity Group Coordinator Call to Adventure" Teaching Faculty Science
First Name:Cathy
Last Name:Boyle
Title:Administrative Assistant - Student Success Office
First Name:Kathryn
Last Name:Brennan
Title:Student Activities Coordinator, Teaching Faculty, Math/Languages
First Name:Mark
Last Name:Brennan
Title:Annual Giving Manager
First Name:Jesse
Last Name:Brennan
Title:Residential Life and Day Student Coordinator, Teaching Faculty, History, Varsity Soccer Head Coach, Prep Soccer Assistant Coach
First Name:Steven
Last Name:Camardi
Title:CFO, Business Manager
First Name:Anthony
Last Name:Camardi '08
Title:AMG Coordinator
First Name:Kelly
Last Name:Capobianco
Title:Head Athletic Trainer
First Name:Bruce
Last Name:Carlson
Title:Facilities Director, Electrician
First Name:Emily
Last Name:Carreiro
Title:Teaching Faculty, Science
First Name:Craig
Last Name:Carvalho
Title:Athletic Trainer, Teaching Faculty, Science
First Name:Richard
Last Name:Chavka
Title:Associate Head of School, Golf
First Name:Kelsie
Last Name:Coccia
Title:Academic Resource Center Coordinator
First Name:Phillip
Last Name:Darrin
Title:Director of Student Success, Teaching Faculty, Economics, Computer Programing, Academic Resource Center, Head Coach Baseball
First Name:Jerry
Last Name:Decker
Title:Campus Grounds, Maintenance
First Name:Christopher K.
Last Name:Downs
Title:Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
First Name:J. Scott
Last Name:Farley
Title:Math Department Coordinator, Adjunct Instructor, Syracuse University, Lacrosse Coach
First Name:Owen
Last Name:Finberg
Title:Director of Athletics, Prep Soccer: Head Coach, PG Form Dean
First Name:Scott
Last Name:Gainey
Title:Selects Academy at South Kent School, U15 Head Coach
First Name:Patricia
Last Name:Garcia-Pedroso
Title:Teaching Faculty, Foreign Language
First Name:Gonzalo
Last Name:Garcia-Pedroso '95
Title:Director of Technology/Associate Director of Advancement
First Name:Allison May
Last Name:Gennings
Title:Center for Innovation Coordinator
First Name:Todd
Last Name:Gennings '05
Title:Teaching Faculty, Pre-Engineering, Head Coach Cardinal Hockey
First Name:Kyle
Last Name:Greenberg
Title:Teaching Faculty, Robotics
First Name:Ruth
Last Name:Greenberg '84
Title:Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Connecticut since 1998
First Name:Geri
Last Name:Haase
Title:Assistant to the Head of School
First Name:Jennifer
Last Name:Haase
Title:Registrar, Assistant to the Head of School, Development Associate / Alumni Relations
First Name:Linda
Last Name:Hall
Title:Accounts Payable Manager
First Name:Bradford
Last Name:Harding, MD
Title:Director of Medical Services
First Name:MaryAnn
Last Name:Haverstock
Title:Teaching Faculty, Math, Center for Innovation, Director of Sustainability, Adjunct Instructor, University of Hartford
First Name:Tom
Last Name:Javery
Title:Director of Communications
First Name:The Reverend Stephen B.
Last Name:Klots
Title:Chaplain, Affinity Group Coordinator Call to Service""
First Name:Kim
Last Name:Larkin
Title:School Store Manager
First Name:Trisha
Last Name:Laundry
Title:Controller, G/L & AP
First Name:Sarah Sung
Last Name:Lee, D.M.A.
Title:Advisor to the Head of School & COO, Music Director, Admissions Associate, Asia and the Middle East, Asian Student and Parent Coordinator
First Name:Jesse
Last Name:Lomask
Title:Teaching Faculty, Math
First Name:Lance
Last Name:Loomis
Title:Rink Manager, Coach, Lacrosse
First Name:Priscilla
Last Name:Loomis
Title:Director of Development
First Name:Nancy
Last Name:Lyon
Title:Chief Operations Officer, Fourth and Fifth Form Dean, Teaching Faculty, History
First Name:Kathy
Last Name:McCann
Title:Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
First Name:Meg
Last Name:McMorrow Lic. Ac., M.S.
Title:Wellness and Accupuncture Practitioner, Progressive Medicine
First Name:Lynn
Last Name:Mellis Worthington
Title:Librarian, Testing Coordinator, College Counselor, Teaching Faculty, English, Pigtail and Cardinal News Network Advisor
First Name:Cheryl L.
Last Name:Moore
Title:Affinity Group Coordinator Call to Explore"
First Name:Walter
Last Name:Moore
Title:Director of College Counseling, Associate Athletic Director, Affinity Group Coordinator Call to Explore"
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