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An Exciting Start to South Kent School's 93rd Year

93 years after South Kent School opened its doors, it still prides itself on being a center for excellence. By maintaining the classic principles of the School: simplicity of life, self-reliance, and directness of purpose, but also modernizing with updates such as the Center for Innovation and a 1:1 iPad to student ratio, South Kent School has proved that it can adapt to be what boys need in an ever-changing world while still maintaining a tradition of excellence.
This year, the School will be home to over 165 boys. They hail from 22 different countries and 19 different American states, making them an interesting and varied group. At the start of their year, this diverse collection of exceptional young boys will have every opportunity to succeed with more tools than ever to aid them in that endeavor. iPads are just the tip of the iceberg. The Center for Innovation, with a classroom building built with the help of students, outdoor education in the north campus gardens, innovation and sustainable design labs in the library and schoolhouse, is a sustainability based program that teaches the boys how to live in a world that no longer has the abundance of the past, but is still ripe with opportunity. It's a uniquely modern educational tool that few schools, even at the collegiate level, fully implement. Between physical upgrades, technology and the emotional guidance and support from the staff, South Kent School is primed to have another wonderful year as a leader in preparatory schooling.
“We are thrilled to begin this new academic year,” Head of School, Andrew Vadnais said. “With 92 years of history behind us, we look forward with the expectation that the best is yet to come.”
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