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Third Annual SKS Fair

The third annual “SKS” Fair was held at various locations around the South Kent School campus on Friday, February 22, 2013.  More than 100 projects involving all students were submitted.

The event, modeled on a traditional high school science fair, was set up with fairly broad parameters for the student projects. Over the course of six weeks, students were encouraged to find a topic of interest, and examine and answer a question related to that topic. The final phase of this independent, inquiry-based assignment was the creation of an exhibit by each of the students that both documented their research and illustrated their findings.

“I love the SKS Fair because it provides an opportunity for our boys to show us something about themselves that we wouldn't necessarily know from class, sports, affinity, or otherwise,” said Phil Darrin, Dean of Academic and Student Affairs. “Ideally, the boys would dig deep into a topic that they love and push their individualized learning to a new level.  So much about learning is stuff that adults tell the boys that they "have to know" to succeed. Though I'm a believer in a strong foundation of academic skills, ultimately education has to be personalized.  The South Kent Fair is intended to be personal,” he added.

“I love seeing the boys get passionate about learning,” Darrin said. “Have fun while learning something new.  That's what will make us lifelong learners,” he added.

The wide range of topics explored included the following: 



This years winners:

Best in Form:
Post Grad: Nolan Long
6th Form: TJ Hughes
5th Form: Corey Greenberg & Aaron Laranetto
4th Form: Yu Wu & Zixiang Tang
3rd Form: Matt Allen & Eugene Lim

Best Large Group:
Mr. Lampe's Latin Class

2nd Runner-Up:
Tyler Augustinsen & Ethan Nitkin

1st Runner-Up:
Chao Huang & Shihao Hu

2013 Overall Winner:
Marcos Gonzalez


Check out the photos here. 

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